Igbo Gospel Music: The Best of 2012

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Looking for some new Igbo Gospel Music to add to your collection? Check out our top picks for the best Igbo Gospel Music of 2012!

The Best Igbo Gospel Songs of 2012

The year 2012 was a great year for Igbo gospel music. We saw the rise of new stars, the release of some great albums, and the continued success of some of our favorite artists. Here are our picks for the best Igbo gospel songs of 2012.

“Nara Ekele Mo” by Gozie Okeke
This beautiful song is from Gozie Okeke’s album “Ebube Dike.” “Nara Ekele Mo” is a praise song that celebrates God’s goodness and mercy.

“Chioma Jesus” by Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards’ song “Chioma Jesus” is a worship song that extols the beauty and goodness of Jesus Christ. The song is from Edwards’ album ” Miracles Everywhere.”

“Onyeoma To Nkwagalara” by Chioma Jesus

This lovely worship song is from Chioma Jesus’ album “Onyeoma.” The song praising God for His goodness and mercy.

The Best Igbo Gospel Artists of 2012

Igbo gospel music is some of the most vibrant and spiritually uplifting music you will ever hear. The Igbo people are a proud, determined and hardworking people who have a rich cultural heritage. They are also very passionate about their music, which is reflected in the high quality of Igbo gospel music being produced today.

There are many great Igbo gospel artists making incredible music, but these are 10 of the best Igbo gospel artists of 2012:

1. Chioma Jesus – “Ekwueme”
2. Frank Edwards – “Sweet Love”
3. Gozie Okeke – “Imela”
4. Lara George – “Dansaki Re”
5. Mike Okri – “Rababa”
6. Nancy Okagbue – “Oyoyo”
7. Sunny Nneji – “Agu Nworu Ka Nwanne Di Mma”
8. Tim Godfrey – “Miracle Worker”
9. Uche Agu – “Okenye”
10.Vector tha Viper – “OGA” (Feat. Lakes)

The Best Igbo Gospel Albums of 2012

2012 was a great year for Igbo gospel music, with many amazing albums being released. Here are our picks for the best Igbo gospel albums of 2012.

1. “Igwe” by Emmanuel Dele
2. “Nkem” by Chioma Jesus
3. “Akanchawa” by Terry G
4. “Owanbe” by Lara George
5. “Imela” by Chris Morgan

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