Top 5 Igbo Gospel Music MP3s

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Check out our top 5 picks for Igbo Gospel music MP3s. From classic hits to new releases, these songs are sure to get you motivated and inspired.


Igbo people are the indigenous people of the southeastern part of Nigeria. The Igbo language is a dialect of the Niger-Congo family of languages. It is estimated that there are over 30 million Igbo people living in Nigeria. Igbo music is an important part of the culture, and it includes a wide variety of genres, from folk music to Christian gospel music.

There are many popular Igbo gospel musicians, and their music is enjoyed by both Igbo and non-Igbo people alike. Below are five of the most popular Igbo gospel songs, as measured by online popularity:

1. “Onye ne bu nkem” by Chioma Jesus
2. “Ekelebe” by Gozie Okeke
3. “Odi ife” by Paul Nwokocha
4. “Imela” by Pigin
5. “Onyi Onuora” by Uche Agu


Igbo music is some of the most unique and beautiful in all of Africa. Though it is often overshadowed by more popular genres like hip hop and Afrobeats, Igbo music has a rich history and tradition that is worth exploring.

If you’re looking for some great Igbo Gospel music to listen to, check out our top 5 picks below.

1. “Praise The Lord” by Nosa
2. “Ezigbo Omele” by Frank Edwards
3. “Baba” by Mercy Chinwo
4. “Onye” by Chioma Jesus
5. “Olorun Agbaye” by Nathaniel Bassey


Igbo gospel music is some of the most beautiful and soulful music in the world. The Igbo people are a Nigerian ethnic group who are predominantly Christian, and their music reflects their religious beliefs.

There are many great Igbo gospel musicians, but these are five of the best:

1. Chidinma – Onyedikagi
2. Mercy Chinwo – Excess Love
3. Frank Edwards – Sweet Spiritof God
4. Angela Stanley – Ebube Muonso
5. Gozie Okeke – Idinma

Igbo Gospel Music

Igbo gospel music is some of the most vibrant and popular music in Nigeria. If you’re looking for Igbo gospel music to add to your collection, here are five of the best Igbo gospel MP3s.

1. “Onyedikagi” by Chioma Jesus
2. “Ekwensu” by Gozie Okeke
3. “Akanchawa” by Osinachukwu Mbaka
4. “Igwe” by Paul Nwokocha
5. “Ogene Durella” by Chinyere Udoma

Top 5 Igbo Gospel Music MP3s

The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. They are based in Nigeria and are known for their unique music, which is a blend of traditional African rhythms and Western musical influences. Igbo Gospel music is a popular genre of music amongst the Igbo people, and there are many great Igbo Gospel musicians who have produced some amazing songs. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 Igbo Gospel music MP3s.

1. “Onyedikagi” by Mercy Chinwo
2. “Ekwensu” by Osinachi Nwachukwu
3. “Healing Streams” by Stella Chinyere Uche
4. “Ibu Chim” by Chioma Jesus
5. “Jehovah Overdo” by Bishop Uche Maduewesi

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