The Best Instrumental Birthday Music

Find the best instrumental birthday music to make their special day even more memorable. Browse our collection of happy birthday songs to find the perfect track for your beloved’s birthday celebration.


Instrumental birthday music is always a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. There is nothing quite like the look on their face when they hear their favorite song playing in the background as they celebrate their special day.

There are many different types of instrumental birthday music to choose from, so it is important to take some time to find the perfect song for the occasion. If you are not sure what type of music your loved one would like, you can always ask them for suggestions.

One of the most popular types of instrumental birthday music is classical music. This genre of music has been around for centuries and has been loved by people of all ages. Many consider it to be the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.

If you are looking for something a little more modern, there are also many great options available. Pop music is always a good choice, as it is usually very upbeat and full of energy. Rock music is also a popular choice, especially if the birthday person is a fan of this genre.

No matter what type of instrumental birthday music you choose, it is important to make sure that it is appropriate for the occasion. You do not want to play something that would make the birthday person uncomfortable or that would not be enjoyed by everyone at the party.

When selecting instrumental birthday music, it is also important to consider the age of the person you are playing it for. If you are choosing music for a child’s birthday party, you will want to select something that is appropriate for their age group. The same goes for an adult’s birthday party – you will want to choose songs that are suitable for adults.

Instrumental birthday music can be a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. With so many different genres and styles to choose from, you should have no problem finding the perfect song for the occasion.

“Happy Birthday”

There are many different ways to say “Happy Birthday,” but sometimes the most special way is with music. Instrumental birthday music can be the perfect addition to any birthday celebration, whether you’re having a small gathering with close friends and family or a big bash with everyone you know.

There are lots of great instrumental birthday songs out there, from classical pieces to more modern tunes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that’s just right for your celebration. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of our top picks for the best instrumental birthday music below.

“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”

“For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is a popular English song originally written to celebrate the birthday of King George VI. The lyrics were written by Geoffrey Parsons and John Jacob Loeb, and the tune was composed by Harry S. Miller. The song is traditionally sung on the birthday of a person who is considered to be jolly, such as Santa Claus. It has also been used in advertising campaigns and movies.

“Auld Lang Syne”

Auld Lang Syne is a Scottish ballad that is often sung on New Year’s Eve. The title comes from the first line of the song, which translates to “old long since,” or “days gone by.”

The song is about reminiscing on old times and is often used as a way to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one. Many people believe that the lyrics were written by Robert Burns, but the actual author is unknown.

The tune is commonly played on bagpipes and other traditional Scottish instruments, but it can be performed on any type of instrument. “Auld Lang Syne” is a popular choice for instrumentals because it has a slow, sentimental melody that is perfect for birthday celebrations.

“Home on the Range”

“Home on the Range” is a classic western song that has been a favorite for many years. It’s a perfect choice for your next birthday party, as it is both fun and festive. The best instrumental version of this song is performed by the Tex Ritter Orchestra.

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” is a Negro spiritual. Though the exact origins are unknown, it is thought to have been written by Wallace Willis, a Choctaw freedman in the 1830s. It became well known after being adopted as a hymn by the Fisk Jubilee Singers in 1872. The song was first recorded in this form in 1923 by the Famous Five Blind Boys of Mississippi and has since been recorded by many other artists.

“The Battle Hymn of the Republic”

This patriotic classic is a great choice for a birthday celebration. The stirring lyrics and melody are sure to get everyone in the mood to celebrate.

“The Star-Spangled Banner”

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States of America. The lyrics come from the “Defence of Fort M’Henry”, a poem written on September 14, 1814, by 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the large American flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, flying triumphantly above the fort during the United States’ victory.

“God Bless America”

One of the most popular patriotic songs in America, “God Bless America” has been performed by some of the most famous singers and musicians over the years. The song was originally written by Irving Berlin in 1918, and has since been covered by artists such as Kate Smith, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, and Carrie Underwood. While the song is commonly associated with patriotic occasions such as the 4th of July and Memorial Day, it is also frequently played at birthdays and other celebratory occasions.

“Happy Birthday to You”

One of the most popular birthday songs is “Happy Birthday to You,” which was written by Mildred J. Hill and Patty S. Hill. The melody was first published in 1893, and the song has been translated into many languages and is sung all over the world. In the United States, “Happy Birthday to You” is considered to be in the public domain, which means that anyone can use it without obtaining permission from the copyright holder.

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