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Check out these tips on how to find live jazz and funk music performances happening near you.


Jazz funk is a type of music that many people enjoy. It is a combination of two genres, jazz and funk. This type of music is often enjoyed by people who like to dance, as it has a strong beat that can be irresistible to many. If you are looking for live jazz funk music near you, there are several ways to find it.

What is Jazz Funk?

Jazz Funk is a genre of music that combines elements of jazz and funk. It originated in the 1970s, and is often seen as a precursor to disco and modern dance music. Jazz Funk typically features a strong backbeat, groovy bass lines, and brass or horns for flavor. The genre is also known for its use of improvisation, syncopation, and complex harmonies.

The History of Jazz Funk

Jazz funk is a subgenre of jazz that originated in the late 1960s when musicians began fusing the rhythms and grooves of soul and R&B with the improvisational elements of jazz. This fusion created a new, energetic style of music that was perfect for dancing. Jazz funk quickly gained popularity in clubs and dance halls, and soon became a staple of radio programming.

The early pioneers of jazz funk were groups like The Headhunters, who blended funk rhythms with the improvisational style of jazz. Other influential groups included Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind & Fire. Jazz funk continued to evolve throughout the 1970s, with artists like Herbie Hancock and Return to Forever pushing the boundaries of the genre.

In the 1980s, jazz funk began to decline in popularity, but experienced a resurgence in the 1990s thanks to artists like Miles Davis and Joshua Redman. Today, there are many young musicians who are keeping the spirit of jazz funk alive. If you’re interested in experiencing this vibrant style of music, there are plenty of ways to find it. Check out our tips below on how to find live jazz funk near you.

The Elements of Jazz Funk

Jazz funk is a subgenre of jazz that combines elements of jazz, funk, and R&B. Jazz funk songs are usually longer and more complex than funk songs, and they often have a horn section. Many jazz funk songs also have a groove that you can dance to.

If you’re interested in finding live jazz funk music near you, check out the listings below. You can also find Jazz Funk Festivals happening around the country throughout the year.

The Jazz Funk Scene Today

The jazz funk scene is very much alive and well today. Thanks to the internet, there are now more ways than ever to find and connect with other jazz funk fans around the world.

There are plenty of online forums and resources dedicated to jazz funk, where you can find everything from analysis of classic tracks to recommendations for new music. Social media is also a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of jazz funk.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved in the scene, there are also many options for live music. Jazz funk concerts are becoming more popular, and there are often events and festivals dedicated to this genre of music. You can also find plenty of jazz funk DJs playing at clubs and bars around the world.

How to Find Live Jazz Funk Music Near You

Jazz funk is a genre of music that blends jazz and funk elements together. It is a popular style of music that is often played live in clubs and concert venues. If you love jazz funk music, you may be wondering how you can find live jazz funk music near you. Here are some tips:

1. Check out online concert listings. Sites like Songkick and Bandsintown list upcoming concerts in your area. You can search for specific genres of music, including jazz funk, to find shows near you.

2. Follow your favorite jazz funk artists on social media. Many artists will announce tour dates and show information on their Facebook pages or Twitter feeds.

3. Check out local jazz clubs. Jazz clubs are a great place to see live jazz music, and many of them feature jazz funk bands on occasion. To find a jazz club near you, try searching online or ask friends and family for recommendations.

4. Go to festivals and special events. Jazz festivals are held all over the world and typically feature a mix of different genres, including jazz funk. Special events like conferences and conventions also often have live music, so keep an eye out for these types of events in your area as well.

By following these tips, you should be able to find live jazz funk music near you with ease!

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