The Best Dubstep Music Playlist

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The best dubstep music playlist for getting pumped up, featuring Skrillex, Zomboy, and more.

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is a type of electronic dance music that originated in the early 2000s in the United Kingdom. It is characterized by its heavy bass and dark, ominous atmosphere. Dubstep tracks are often around 140 beats per minute and feature multiple layers of drums and bassline.

The Best Dubstep Songs of All Time

If you are a fan of dubstep music, then this is the perfect playlist for you. This playlist features the best dubstep songs of all time. From the classic songs that everyone knows and loves, to the newer and up-and-coming songs, this playlist has it all. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best dubstep music has to offer.

“Benga Benga” by Benga

“Benga Benga” is a song by dubstep producer Benga. It was released as a single on November 16, 2009, and later included on his album Diary of an Afro Warrior.

The song is notable for its use of the “Benga Bounce”, a dubstep beat which was popularized by Benga and has been used in many other songs. The song also samples the Benga Bounce rhythm from another of his songs, “Forefather”.

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex

From the album “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” this is one of Skrillex’s most well-known and popular songs. It was released in 2010 and quickly rose to the top of the dubstep charts. The song features a catchy beat with elements of both dubstep and electro house music.

“Get Free” by Major Lazer

“Get Free” by Major Lazer is one of the best dubstep songs of all time. The song was released in 2012 and features a heavy bassline and catchy hooks.

“Bassnectar” by Bassnectar

Bassnectar is the stage name of American DJ and record producer Lorin Ashton. Ashton was born on February 10, 1978, in Santa Cruz, California and grew up in San Francisco. He began creating music in 1991 using a variety of software programs. His first release was a self-titled EP in 2001.

Bassnectar’s music is characterized by its heavy bass and often contains elements of trap, dubstep, drum and bass, and hip hop. He has released nine studio albums, two compilations, two remixes albums, and one mix album. His tenth studio album, Reflective Part 2, is set to be released on October 25, 2019.

“Bassnectar” by Bassnectar is widely considered to be one of the best dubstep songs of all time. The song was first released in 2011 and quickly rose to popularity among dubstep fans. The song features a heavy bassline and synths that create a dark and atmospheric soundscape. Bassnectar is known for his ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music together, and “Bassnectar” is a perfect example of this skill.

“Cinema” by Skrillex

“Cinema” is a song by American dubstep artist Skrillex. The song was released as a single on May 1, 2011. It is the third single from his debut studio album, Bangarang. The song peaked at number sixty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100. “Cinema” was well received by critics, with some praising its composition and others calling it one of the best songs on Bangarang.

The Future of Dubstep

2010 was a big year for dubstep. Skrillex blew up and brought the genre to the mainstream with his unique brand of wonky, wobbly basslines and catchy melodies. Since then, the genre has continued to evolve and grow, with new artists pushing the boundaries of what dubstep can be.

“Rudeboy” by Flux Pavilion

Rudeboy by Flux Pavilion is a track that truly encapsulates the sound of dubstep. It starts with a simple, catchy melody that is accompanied by a heavy bassline. The drop is where the track really comes alive, with the bassline becoming more intense and the melody becoming more distorted. The track then builds back up to the original melody, before dropping back down into the intense bassline. This track is a perfect example of how dubstep can be both catchy and heavy at the same time.

“Dirty South” by Doctor P

Originating in the south of England in the early 2000s, dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Characterized by heavy basslines and minimalistic drum patterns, dubstep is often described as “dark”, ” brooding”, and “moody”.

While the original dubstep sound was pioneered by artists such as Skream and Benga, the genre has since evolved and diversified, with new subgenres such as ” Wonky” and “Post-Dubstep” emerging in recent years.

One of the most popular modern dubstep artists is Doctor P, whose track “Dirty South” was released to critical acclaim in 2012. Doctor P’s music typically features distorted basslines, half-time drum patterns, and melodic synth stabs, creating a dark and atmospheric soundscape that is perfect for late-night listening.

“Bare Noize” by Knife Party

Knife Party’s “Bare Noize” is a prime example of where dubstep is headed in the future. The track is a perfect blend of elements from both classic dubstep and trap, with a healthy dose of bass thrown in for good measure. The result is a track that is catchy, dark, and sure to get your head nodding.

“Zeds Dead” by Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto, Ontario. They produce and perform a variety of genres including dubstep, trap, and drum and bass. Their debut album, Northern Lights, was released in 2010 to critical acclaim. They have since released several successful singles and EPs, and have toured extensively worldwide.

The duo’s musical style has been described as “a unique fusion of dubstep, hip-hop, and electronica.” Their sound is characterized by heavy basslines, intricate drum patterns, and cut-up samples. They often incorporate elements of other genres into their productions, such as hip-hop and trap. Zeds Dead has been praised for their innovative approach to songwriting and production, as well as their captivating live performances.

Over the course of their career, Zeds Dead has released four studio albums, two live albums, one compilation album, and forty-three singles. They have collaborated with a number of high-profile artists such as Jauz,NGHTMRE, Diplo,Pusha T ,Oliver Heldens ,and chromatic.. In 2019 they launched their own record label called “Deadbeats” .

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