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The Phantom of the Opera: Point of No Return is a haunting and beautiful ballad from the musical masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Shet Music brings you the best in Phantom of the Opera sheet music so that you can enjoy this classic piece in your own home.

The Point of No Return

The Phantom of the Opera: Point of No Return is a 1992 American musical drama film directed by Dwight H. Little and starring Robert Englund, Jill Schoelen, and Bill Nighy. It is based on the 1986 novel The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. The film was produced and released by Warner Bros. on December 25, 1992.

The Phantom of the Opera: Point of No Return was generally panned by critics and flopped at the box office, only grossing $4 million against its $21 million budget. It was the last time that Englund would play the role of Erik Destler/The Phantom.

The Shet Music

Shet Music, also known as The Phantom of the Opera: Point of No Return, is a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical, The Phantom of the Opera. The song is sung by the character of the Phantom in the musical’s climax, in which he finally accepts that he will never be able to have a normal life with his love interest, Christine DaaĆ©.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Charles Hart. The book was originally published as a serialization in “The Phantom of the Opera”, a book by Gaston Leroux. The musical tells the story of a phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House. It has been performed in over 150 cities in 27 countries, and has been translated into 15 languages.

The Final Battle

The final battle between the Phantom and Raoul is fought on the roof of the opera house. The two men duel with swords, and the Phantom is defeated when he falls off the roof and into the flames below.

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