Psychedelic Butterfly: The Best Little Rock AR Has to Offer

Psychedelic Butterfly is the best little rock AR has to offer. We provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Psychedelic Butterfly

Psychedelic Butterfly is a one-of-a-kind destination in Little Rock, Arkansas that offers an unforgettable experience. This locally owned business is dedicated to providing an excellent customer service experience and amazing product. Psychedelic Butterfly specializes in eclectic clothing, jewelry, and gifts. They also offer a large selection of tapestries, wall art, and home decor.


Psychedelic Butterfly is a retail store in Little Rock, AR that specializes in selling psychedelic and other mind-altering substances.


We are open Monday-Saturday 11am to 6pm. Come on in and check out our amazing selection of psychedelic artwork, apparel, and accessories!


Psychedelic Butterfly of Little Rock, Arkansas aims to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. We offer a variety of services, including:

-Individual counseling
-Group counseling
-Family counseling
-Psychiatric evaluations
-Substance abuse treatment
-Medication management

The Best Little Rock AR Has to Offer

Psychedelic Butterfly is the best little rock AR has to offer. They offer a wide variety of services that are sure to please. They offer a wide variety of products that are sure to meet your needs. Psychedelic Butterfly is the perfect place to go for all your rock AR needs.


Psychedelic Butterfly is located in the scenic and historic downtown area of Little Rock, Arkansas. The store is situated in the heart of the city, near many popular attractions. Psychedelic Butterfly specializes in clothing, jewelry, and gifts for both men and women. The store also offers a wide range of other items, including books, music, and art.


The Psychedelic Butterfly is open from 11:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays.


At Psychedelic Butterfly, we offer a variety of services to help you look and feel your best. We are a full-service salon, meaning that we offer hair, nails, waxing, and makeup services. We also offer a variety of spa services, including facials, massages, and body treatments. In addition, we offer a variety of packages that combine several of our services for a complete transformation. Whether you’re looking for a new haircut or color, a relaxing massage, or a complete makeover, we can help you achieve the look you want.

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