The Best Rock Music of 2015

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A look at the best rock music of 2015. This year saw a return to form for a lot of classic rock bands, as well as some great new music from younger groups.

Best Overall Rock

Rock music has come a long way since it first burst onto the scene in the 1950s. It has evolved and changed with the times, but it has always maintained its core values of being loud, passionate, and rebellious. 2015 was no different, as there were a plethora of amazing rock albums released that captured the zeitgeist of our time. Here are our picks for the best overall rock albums of 2015.

1) “Sonic Highways” by Foo Fighters
2) “Drones” by Muse
3) “The Art of Darkness” by Avenged Sevenfold
4) ” death dreaming ” by sleepmakeswaves
5) “The Color Before the Sun” by Coheed and Cambria

Best New Artist

Best New Artist
The 1975 – “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”
Puppy – “Vol II”
Tame Impala – “Currents”
The Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds”

Best Rock Ballad

Best Rock Ballad of 2015 goes to ‘The Weight’ byBand of Horses. This song has an incredible meaning and the lyrics are so powerful. It’s a song that everyone can relate to and the vocals are just beautiful.

Best Hard Rock

It would be hard to overstate the importance of hard rock in 2015. The genre defined the year in music, with a new crop of breakout artists and a number of classic bands enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Here are our picks for the best hard rock albums of 2015.

-The Black Keys, “Turn Blue”
– Foo Fighters, “Sonic Highways”
-Royal Blood, “Royal Blood”
– Courtney Love, “You’re No Good”
– Ryan Adams, “1989”

Best Metal

There was some excellent metal released in 2015, with a wide range of styles represented. For fans of the heavier side of things, there were plenty of crushing riffs and solos to be found, along with more than a few moments of eerie beauty. Here are our picks for the best metal of 2015.

Best Punk

Punk rock is a genre of music that developed in the mid-1970s. Punk rock bands are typically characterized by their DIY attitude, fast tempos, loud volumes, and often political or anti-establishment lyrics.

2015 was a great year for punk rock, with many new and exciting bands emerging on the scene. Here are our picks for the best punk bands of 2015:

-The Bronx
-Bad Religion
– Fugazi
-The Casualties

Best Indie Rock

The best indie rock of 2015 includes a wide range of sounds, from impossibly catchy pop-infused anthems to sprawling, experimental soundscapes. There’s something for everyone on this list, whether you’re a diehard indie fan or just getting into the genre.

Some of the standout tracks include “Bored to Death” by Blink-182, “Don’t Wanna Fight” by Alabama Shakes, and “I Can’t Give Everything Away” by David Bowie. These are just a few of the many great songs that made 2015 a fantastic year for indie rock.

Best Classic Rock

In 2015, there were many great classic rock bands that released new music. Below is a list of some of the best classic rock music of 2015.

1. Led Zeppelin- “Stairway to Heaven”
2. Pink Floyd- “Another Brick in the Wall”
3. The Beatles- “Abbey Road”
4. The Rolling Stones- “Satisfaction”
5. Jimi Hendrix- “All Along the Watchtower”

Best Live Rock

2015 was a great year for rock music, and there were plenty of great live performances to go along with it. Here are some of the best live rock performances of 2015.

Foo Fighters – “Outside”

The Foo Fighters closed out 2015 with a bang with their performance of “Outside” on New Year’s Eve. The band played the song in front of the crowd at Madison Square Garden, and it was one of the most energetic and exciting performances of the year.

Mumford & Sons – “The Wolf”

Mumford & Sons took things to a whole new level with their performance of “The Wolf” at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. The band brought out a full orchestra to accompany them, and the results were stunning. This was one of the most atmospheric and beautiful live performances of the year.

The Dead Weather – “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”

The Dead Weather brought the house down with their performance of “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” at Coachella. The band was on fire, and they delivered one of the most electrifying live performances of 2015.

Best Cover Song

rock music is a genre that has seen a lot of changes over the years. While some would argue that the genre is not what it used to be, there are still some great bands making great music. 2015 was no exception, as there were a number of great cover songs released by some very talented artists. Here are just a few of the best:

Best Cover Song:
“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” – Hall & Oates

This classic track from Hall & Oates was given new life by indie rockers Jhameel and Lo-Fang. Jhameel’s unique voice and Lo-Fang’s mellow guitar work come together to create a version of the song that is both fresh and familiar.

Best Rock Song:
“All I Wanna Do” – Sheryl Crow

This catchy tune from Sheryl Crow was originally released in 1994, but it was covered by Australian rockers POW! Negro in 2015. POW! Negro’s version is a bit harder and more aggressive than the original, but it still retains the fun, upbeat vibe of the original.

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