Ruby Rock Releases New Music Video

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Ruby Rock has just released a new music video and it’s absolutely amazing! The video features the band’s latest single, “Heart of Stone,” and it’s sure to get you up and dancing.


This week, Ruby Rock released their latest music video for the song “No One’s Gonna Know.” The video was filmed entirely on an iPhone and stars the band members themselves. It’s a fun, lighthearted video that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The video was directed by Sami Kalle and shot entirely on an iPhone. It stars the band members themselves and was filmed in various locations around Los Angeles. The video is a fun, lighthearted look at the band and their music. It is sure to put a smile on your face.

The making of the music video

Ruby Rock, a rock band from Seattle, WA, has released a new music video for their song “Supernatural.” The video was filmed in one continuous take with the band performing the song live.

The concept behind the video

The video for “Stitches” is the first single off of Ruby Rock’s forthcoming album, Bloody Roses. The album is set to be released on May 5th, but the band has been kind enough to give us a little taste of what’s in store.

The music video was directed by Luke Gilford and it stars Ruby Rock frontwoman, Sierra Kusterbeck, as a motorcycle-riding, tattooed lover with a dark past. The video was filmed in Los Angeles and it features some pretty amazing scenes of Kusterbeck riding through the city on her motorcycle.

The song itself is a dark and haunting ballad that deals with the struggles of love and loss. Kusterbeck’s lyrics are incredibly emotive and she delivers them with an impressive amount of power and passion. The production values on the track are top-notch and the song has a very eerie, atmospheric quality to it.

All in all, “Stitches” is an incredibly strong first single from an album that is sure to be one of the best rock releases of the year. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the video for “Stitches” and stay tuned for more news on Bloody Roses.

The story of the video

Ruby Rock releases new music video for “Wild Things.” The video tells the story of two girls who are wild things, living life on the edge and taking risks. The video is set in the deserts of Nevada and was filmed in one continuous shot.

The symbolism in the video

The new music video from Ruby Rock is getting a lot of attention, and not just because it features the band’s catchy new song. The video is also full of symbolism, from the rose-colored glasses the band members wear to the barbed wire fence that appears in the video’s final scene.

Some fans are interpreting the video as a commentary on the current state of the world, with the glasses representing rose-colored goggles that people wear to ignore the harsh realities around them. The fence, meanwhile, could be seen as a symbol of division and isolation.

Whatever your interpretation, there’s no denying that Ruby Rock has created a visually stunning and thought-provoking video with their latest release.

The production of the video

The production of the video was a large undertaking. It required the use of three separate sets, a green screen, and a lot of coordination between the production team and the band. The end result was a high-quality music video that accurately represented the band’s image and music.

The filming of the video

The filming of the new music video for “Bad For You” was a long and grueling process, but the end result was worth it. The video was shot over the course of two weeks in various locations around Los Angeles. The director, Daphne Barak, made sure to capture the unique energy and style of the band.

The video starts with a scene of the band walking down a busy street. They are all wearing matching black leather jackets and look extremely stylish. As they walk, they are singing and dancing along to the song. The camera then cuts to a shots of them performing on stage in front of a packed house. The crowd is going wild andRuby Rock is clearly having a great time.

The last few scenes of the video show the band members hanging out together backstage and goofing around. Even though they are one of the hottest bands in the world right now, they still seem like normal guys who just happen to be in a really successful rock band.

The editing of the video

The video begins with a wide shot of a crowd in a stadium, and then pans to focus on the band members on stage. The video is intercut with footage of the band members performing, and footage of the crowd cheering and waving their hands in the air. The video ends with a shot of the band members taking a bow on stage.

The release of the video

Today, Ruby Rock released their new music video for their latest single, “Lonely.” The video, which was shot entirely in black and white, features the band performing the song in a dark room lit only by a single spotlight.

The video was directed by acclaimed music video director Ruby Rock, and the band is seen wearing all black clothing throughout the whole video. The band’s drummer Janie Lee is also featured prominently in the video, as she is shown drumming in the dark.

This is the second music video that Ruby Rock has released this year, following the release of their music video for ” Darling.”

The reaction to the video

The new music video from Ruby Rock is receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Some say that the video is a work of art, while others find it confusing and chaotic. Regardless of the opinion, it’s certainly getting people talking.

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