Sadha’s Psychedelic Rock from Turkey

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Sadha’s Psychedelic Rock from Turkey is a great new band that you should check out! They have a unique sound that is sure to get you hooked.

Psychedelic Rock in Turkey

Psychedelic rock is a form of rock music that emerged in the 1960s. The style is characterized by a distorted, fuzzy guitar sound and trippy, mind-expanding lyrics. Psychedelic rock is often used as a tool for social commentary. In Turkey, the style emerged in the late 1990s as a response to the country’s political and social turmoil.

What is psychedelic rock?

In the 1960s, a new type of rock music emerged that was influenced by psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms were used by musicians to alter their consciousness and create new sounds. Psychedelic rock is a style of music that is characterized by psychedelic elements, such as extended improvisation, unusual sound effects, and an experimental approach to songwriting.

Psychedelic rock was popularized in the late 1960s by bands like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and The Doors. The genre continued to be popular in the 1970s with bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. Psychedelic rock has had a significant influence on subsequent genres of music, including punk rock, heavy metal, and jam bands.

The history of psychedelic rock in Turkey

Psychedelic rock, also referred to as psyrock, is a diverse style of rock music that emerged in the mid-1960s. The genre is characterized by distorted guitars, mind-altering lyrics, and a mixing of influences from Eastern music and culture.

Psychedelic rock first gained popularity in the West during the late 1960s, when Westerners began to experiment with mind-altering substances such as LSD. The genre quickly spread to Turkey, where it found a passionate following among young people.

The first Turkish psychedelic rock band was Moğollar, who formed in Istanbul in 1968. The band mixed traditional Turkish music with Western psychedelia, and their debut album Yeraltında Dans Ediyorlar (They’re Dancing Underground) is considered a classic of the genre.

Moğollar were followed by a wave of other psychedelic Turkish bands such as Büyük Ev Ablukada, Dadaşlar, and Başlıca Terapistler. These bands combined traditional Turkish instruments and melodies with psychedelic sound effects and English-language lyrics, creating a unique sound that caught the attention of Western audiences.

In the early 1970s, some Turkish psychedelic bands began to experiment with more experimental sounds and ideas borrowed from Western avant-garde music. This period saw the birth of progressive rock in Turkey, with bands such as Kurtalan Ekspres and Aphrodite’s Child releasing ambitious concept albums that explored social and political themes.

The golden age of Turkish psychedelia came to an end in the late 1970s, as the country plunged into economic crisis and political turmoil. However, the influence of Turkish psychedelia can still be heard in the work of modern musicians such as Altin Gün and BaBa ZuLa.


Sadha is a Psychedelic Rock band from Turkey. The band’s sound is a mix of Psychedelic, Garage and Surf Rock. The band has been described as “the perfect mix of 60’s garage and surf rock”.

Who is Sadha?

Sadha is a psychedelic rock band from Turkey. The band was formed in Istanbul in 2013 by brothers Sadik Erdal Aksoy (vocals, guitar) and Ersin Aksoy (bass, keyboards). The Aksoy brothers were joined by drummer Tolga Isikli in 2014, and the band has been performing live ever since.

Sadha’s music has been described as “a melting pot of Turkish folk music, American psychedelic rock, and Indian classical music.” The band cites the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd as influences, as well as Turkish musicians such as Cem Karaca and Selda Bagcan.

In 2015, Sadha released their self-titled debut album on Ba Da Bing Records. The album was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City with producer/engineer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Swans).

Sadha has toured extensively throughout Turkey and Europe, including appearances at KEXP’s Istanbul Sessions (2016) and Roadburn Festival (2017).

What is Sadha’s music like?

Sadha is a Turkish psychedelic rock band that was formed in 2006. The band’s music has been described as a mix of 60’s and 70’s Psychedelic and Progressive Rock with modern elements.

Why psychedelic rock from Turkey is worth your time

Psychedelic rock from Turkey is a style of rock music that blended elements of the Western psychedelic rock and the traditional Turkish music. The result is a unique and mesmerizing sound that is worth your time.

The unique sound of Turkish psychedelic rock

Turkish psychedelic rock is a unique and interesting genre that is definitely worth your time. The sound is a mix of traditional Turkish music with Western psychedelic rock, and the results are often quite hypnotic and entrancing. If you’re looking for something new and different to listen to, Turkish psychedelic rock is definitely worth checking out.

The influence of Turkish culture on psychedelic rock

Psychedelic rock from Turkey is unique in its blend of Eastern and Western influences. Turkish musicians began to experiment with western rock styles in the late 1960s, incorporating elements of traditional Turkish music such as the use of Turkish instruments and scales. This fusion of styles created a new, distinctive sound that was heavily influenced by the psychedelic rock movement of the time.

Turkish psychedelic rock bands such as Erkin Koray, Edip Akbayram, and Baris Manco were at the forefront of this musical movement, and their music continues to be hugely popular in Turkey today. Psychedelic rock from Turkey is characterized by its use of heavy guitars, sitars, and often mind-bending lyrics. If you’re looking for something a little different from your typical western psychedelic rock, Turkish psychedelia is definitely worth checking out!

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