She’s Got Time: An Indie Rock Music Video

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She’s Got Time is an Indie Rock Music Video that tells the story of a young woman’s journey through time. The video features the song “She’s Got Time” by The Paper Kites.


In this music video, we follow the story of a young woman who is trying to find her way in life. She’s Got Time is an upbeat indie rock song that celebrating the importance of taking your time and enjoying life. The music video features beautiful shots of nature and the city, and our protagonist exploring different aspects of her life.

The making of the music video

The video for “She’s Got Time” was filmed in one day in the basement of a bar in Brooklyn. We used one light and a DSLR camera. The whole video was edited in iMovie.

The concept

The music video for She’s Got Time by the band The Strypes was shot in one day in various locations around London. The video follows a young woman as she goes about her day, with the band playing in different roles throughout.

The video was directed by Mike Carter and produced by Katie Dolan. The concept for the video was to create a day in the life of a young woman, with the band appearing in different roles throughout.

The shoot began at 6am and finished at 10pm, with the band playing live for some of the scenes. The video was released on March 3rd, 2014.

The shoot

The making of the music video for She’s Got Time, an indie rock song by the band The Rentals, involved a lot of planning and coordination. The video was shot in a single day, but it took weeks of preparation to get everything ready.

The video was shot on location in Los Angeles. The band members and crew rented a house in the city and used it as their base of operations. They spent days scouting locations and rehearsing the choreography for the video. On the day of the shoot, they woke up early and got to work.

The video was shot using multiple cameras, which allowed the directors to capture different angles and perspectives. They also used drone cameras to get aerial shots of the band members performing. After a long day of shooting, they had everything they needed to edit the video together.

Now that the video is finished, it’s been released online for everyone to enjoy. The band is very happy with how it turned out, and they’re already planning their next music video!

The editing process

After the footage from the two-day shoot was collected, it was time to start putting together a rough cut of the music video. This is where all of the footage is sifted through and selected pieces are pieced together to match the flow and lyrics of the song.

The first task was to order the footage chronologically. Then, I needed to find footage that matched the feeling and message of each lyric. For example, when lead singer Sammi sings the line “She’s got time for anyone who needs it”, I chose to include shots of her volunteering at a soup kitchen.

After I had put together a rough cut that I was happy with, it was time to start thinking about transitions. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were on this journey with the characters, so I decided to use a lot of handheld camera shots and zooms to create an intimate feeling.

Finally, I added in some color correction and visual effects to give the video a cohesive look. And with that, the music video was complete!

The music video itself

The music video for “She’s Got Time” by the band Hop Along is a strong example of an emotionally powerful music video. The video is set in a school and focuses on a group of girls who are outcasts and marginalized by their classmates. The girls are shown going about their lives, dealing with the bullying and rejection they face. The video culminates with the girls taking revenge on their tormentors. The video is powerful and moving, and it does a great job of conveying the message of the song.

The video’s story

The video follows the band as they perform in a series of connected stories. The first story is of a young girl who is trying to find her place in the world. She is shown going through a series of different jobs, including working at a fast food restaurant and being a secretary. In the second story, the girl is shown as an adult, now working as a musician. She is shown playing in a small club, and then later performing on a larger stage. In the third story, the girl is shown as a mother, and she is seen performing with her child. In the fourth story, the girl is seen as an older woman, and she is shown performing in front of a large crowd. Finally, in the fifth story, the girl is shown as an elderly woman, and she is seen sitting in a chair, listening to music.

The video’s style

The video is a stop-motion animation using everyday objects to create the sets and characters. It is all very low-fi and we used a limited color palette which I think gives it a bit of an old-timey, nostalgic feeling. The song is pretty upbeat and poppy, so we wanted the video to reflect that energy.


The video for “She’s Got Time” by the Rhode Island-based band DialedIn is a perfect example of an indie rock music video. The video was directed by Scooter McFadgen and stars the band’s lead singer, Sarah Brown, as a young woman who is trying to find her way in life.

The video follows Sarah as she goes through her daily routine, from waking up and getting dressed, to going to work and then out on the town with her friends. Throughout the video, Sarah is struggling to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She’s Got Time is a song about being young and having the world at your fingertips, and the video captures this feeling perfectly.

The video was shot on location in Rhode Island and New York City, and it features some stunning shots of both locations. The footage of Sarah walking through the streets of New York City is particularly striking.

Overall, She’s Got Time is an excellent example of an indie rock music video. It captures the feeling of being young and unsure of what to do with your life, and it does so in a beautiful and visually arresting way.

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