Techno Blade by Benjamin Taylor: Sheet Music

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Looking for the perfect sheet music to help you perfect your techno blade skills? Look no further than Benjamin Taylor’s Techno Blade! This top-selling sheet music provides you with everything you need to get started playing this amazing game.

About the Artist

Techno Blade, also known as Ben Taylor, is an English YouTuber, musician, and game developer. He is the creator of the popular Technoblade Minecraft series, as well as the game designs for Hypixel’s SkyBlock and bedwars. Taylor has also created a number of songs, including “Drowning” and “We Are Number One”.


Techno Blade, also known as Benjamin Taylor, is a British YouTuber, composer, and music producer. His channel consists mostly of commentaries and Let’s Plays on various video games, as well as vlogs, music videos, and occasional animated shorts.

Taylor was born on October 23, 1994, in Oxfordshire, England. He began playing the violin at age four and the piano at age seven. He started composing music at age eleven. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in 2016 with a degree in composition.

Taylor has been a vegetarian since he was fourteen.


Benjamin Taylor is a self-taught musician, composer, and producer who specializes in electronic and experimental music. He has been releasing music under the name Techno Blade since 2009, and his work has been featured in video games, film, and television. In addition to his solo work, he is a member of the band Anamanaguchi and has composed music for the Broadway production of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

About the Music

Techno Blade by Benjamin Taylor is a progressive rock song that was released in 1998. The song is about a person who is fighting against the system. The song has a lot of energy and is very catchy.


Techno Blade, also known as Blade, is a song by British YouTuber and musician Benjamin casey also known as Mr. Minecraftaddict7 from his album entitled “Bgsod.” The song was released on October 9, 2016 and has since accrued over 35 million views on Casey’s YouTube channel. The song is classified as electronic dance music (EDM) falling under the sub-genre of techno.


Techno Blade by Benjamin Taylor is a renowned composer and producer of electronic music. His work is often compared to that of Skrillex and deadmau5. Taylor has released four albums, with his latest being “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

His music is characterized by its use of heavy bass, fast tempo, and sampling. It often features synthesizers and drum machines.


Techno Blade is a Sheffield-based producer, DJ and musician. He has been releasing music since the early 2000s and has produced a wide range of styles, from drum and bass to dubstep to techno. His most recent album, “The Future Is Now”, was released in 2016.

Some of Techno Blade’s most popular singles include “Rage”, “Bleep Bloop”, “Dirty Deeds” and “The Drop”. He has also collaborated with other artists, including Benjamin Taylor, on the track “Blackout”.

Sheet Music

Composer Benjamin Taylor’s Techno Blade is a work for solo piano that fuses classical and electronic music. The piece is in three movements, each representing a different style of techno. The first movement, “Trance,” is a fast and energetic dance track. The second movement, “Dubstep,” is a dark and atmospheric soundscape. The third and final movement, “Techno,” is a fast and furious dance track.

Printable PDFs

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PDFs are available for all levels of difficulty, so you can find music that is just right for you. With printable sheet music, you can practice at your own pace and take your time learning new songs.

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