Techno Music Video on a Runway

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Find out what happens when a music video for a techno song is filmed on a runway!


Techno music videos are a genre of music videos characterized by fast-paced visuals and intense action. They often take place on runways or in other dynamic locations and feature models or dancers performing daring feats.

Techno music videos are known for their high production values and innovative visuals. They often push the boundaries of what is possible with music video production, resulting in some truly unique and unforgettable videos.

If you’re a fan of techno music, or just looking for something different, then check out some of the best techno music videos on a runway below.

The making of the video

“Techno Music Video on a Runway” was a project that required a lot of time and effort. The video was shot on a runway in an aircraft hangar. To get the shots of the dancers, we had to set up cameras on tripods and use a remote to trigger them.

The idea behind it

We wanted to create a techno music video that would be visually stunning and would really showcase the fashion and the music. We decided to film it on a runway because it would give us a lot of space to work with and we thought it would look really cool. We also wanted to make sure that the video was high energy and exciting, so we chose to film it in black and white.

The production

Prepping the runway: The very first thing that had to happen was the building of the runway. This was done by a team of engineers who had to make sure that the runway could support not only the weight of the equipment and people, but also that it was long enough and wide enough for everything to fit.

The next step was to set up all of the equipment. This included setting up cameras, lights, and sound equipment. The whole process took several days to complete.

filming the video: Once everything was set up, it was time to start filming the video. This process took about a week to complete. During this time, the music was recorded and the footage of the models walking down the runway was filmed.

editing the video: After all of the footage was filmed, it had to be edited together. This process took about a month to complete. During this time, the footage was cut together and special effects were added.

The post-production

The post-production of the video started with the color correction, as the raw footage had a greenish tint due to the fluorescent lights in the runway. To fix this, the colorist first balanced the footage and then applied a creative LUT to give it a teal and orange look, which matched the theme of the video. Next, they worked on fixing the white balance and applied some film grain to give it a more textured look.

For the VFX, they used After Effects to remove any unwanted objects in the footage and to add some racecar engine sound effects. Finally, they added some smoke effects to make it look like the car was really on fire.

The video itself

All I can say is “WOW!” This Techno music video was done on a runway and it is super creative. I love how the video starts out with the workers setting up the runway and then the dancers come out and start dancing. The video is very well done and the dancers are very talented.

The storyline

The story of the music video is actually pretty simple. It follows a model who is walking down a runway, and as she does, she starts to get lost in her own thoughts. She starts to think about all of the different things that could happen to her, and as she does, she begins to see them all around her. She sees herself getting hit by a car, falling off the runway, and even getting shot. However, as she keeps walking, she eventually comes to realize that none of those things are actually happening, and that she’s just imagining them. In the end, she makes it to the end of the runway safely and the video ends with her smiling.

The music

The music in the video is a mix of techno and trance, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. The overall feeling is one of energy and excitement, with the occasional moment of slow-down for dramatic effect. The song is catchy and will likely get stuck in your head after a few listens.

The visuals

The video opens with a close-up of amodel’s face as she begins to strut down a runway. The camera then pulls back to reveal that the runway is actually a giant LED-lit dance floor, and the models are all dancing along to the music as they walk. The set is decorated with giant inflated balls, confetti, and streamers, and the dancers are all wearing brightly-colored costumes.

As the video progresses, the dancers move faster and the lights flash brighter. The colors become more saturated and the camera moves closer to the action, giving the viewer a sense of energy and excitement. The video ends with the dancers jumping and spinning in time with the music, leaving the viewer feeling exhilarated.


In conclusion, the techno music video on a runway was a great success. The models looked great and the music video was very well done.

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