The 90s Grunge Music Video with the Free Hugs Guy

A look back at the 90s grunge music video that featured the Free Hugs Guy and the profound impact it had on a generation.


In the early 1990s, a new type of music emerged from the underground Seattle music scene. This music, which came to be known as “grunge,” was characterized by its dark and angsty lyrics, heavy guitar sound, and often unkempt appearance of its performers. One of the most iconic grunge bands was Nirvana, whose singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain became the face of the genre.

While grunge music videos were often dark and melancholy, they could also be playful and lighthearted, as evidenced by Nirvana’s video for their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” In this video, which was filmed in a high school gymnasium, the band members are shown playing their instruments and messing around while students cheer them on. At one point, a student wearing a “free hugs” sign wanders into the frame and is embraced by Cobain.

This video perfectly encapsulates the spirit of grunge: it is both angsty and playful, with a touch of quirkiness thrown in. It remains one of the most iconic music videos of the 1990s.

The Free Hugs Guy

In the early 1990s, a grunge music video featured a man wearing a Free Hugs shirt. The video was set in Seattle and showed people hugging each other. The Free Hugs Guy was later identified as Scott Studio, a local musician and painter.

The Music Video

The 90s grunge music video with the free hugs guy was a massive hit when it was released. The video featured a man giving out free hugs to strangers in a busy city center, and the song was a huge success. The video became an Internet sensation, and the man in the video became known as the Free Hugs Guy.

The Message

The message of this grunge music video is one of free love and peace. The “free hugs” guy in the video is shown hugging various people, including a girl who is shown to be pregnant. The video ends with a message that reads “All you need is love.”


The 90s were a time of great change in the music industry, and the grunge music video with the free hugs guy was a perfect example of that. With its simple, yet effective message, the video helped to break down barriers and bring people together.

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