The Peral Fishers: An Opera in Music

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Looking for a new opera to add to your repertoire? Check out The Peral Fishers: An Opera in Music, a beautiful work by composer Georges Bizet. This piece is perfect for any classical music lover, and is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

The Peral Fishers: An Opera in Music

The Peral Fishers: An Opera in Music is an opera in five acts composed by George Frideric Handel. The libretto, by Nicola Haym, is based on Jean-Philippe Rameau’s 1708 opera Les Fêtes de Polymnie.

The work was composed in 1711 for the London company of John Baptiste Lully, but was not performed until 1731, when it was given at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The first production in London was at the King’s Theatre in Haymarket on 5 February 1732.

The Peral Fishers tells the story of a group of fishermen who live on an island off the coast of Spain. They are visited by the goddess Venus, who is attracted to one of them, Pèrella. She disguises herself as a mortal woman and wins his affections. However, her jealous husband, Neptune, god of the sea, causes a terrible storm which wreckstheir ship and forces them to take refuge on the island.

The music is noted for its beautiful melodies and graceful orchestration. It includes some of Handel’s best-known arias, such as “No di voi non v’ascondo” and “Tu sei il cor di mia speme”.

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