Top Music Techno and House Tracks of 2014

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If you’re a fan of techno or house music, then you’ll want to check out our list of the top tracks of 2014. From new artists to established names, there’s something for everyone on this list.


It’s been an amazing year for techno and house music. We’ve seen the rise of new artists, the return of some old favorites, and the sadly inevitable passing of legends. But through it all, the music has kept us moving.

To commemorate this great year in music, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite techno and house tracks of 2014. This was no easy task, as there were so many great tracks released this year. We’ve grouped them into two categories: techno and house.

1. Robert Hood – Untitled (M-Plant)
2. Ben Klock – Subzero (Ostgut Ton)
3. Planetary Assault Systems – Bomber (Ostgut Ton)
4. Marcel Dettmann – Apron (Ostgut Ton)
5. Plastikman – EXpand (Minus)
6. SURGEON – Mistress (Downwards)
7. Regis – Blood Witness (Downwards)
8. Jay Clarke – Uncanny Valley (Sandwell District)
9. Planetary Assault Systems – The Messenger (Ostgut Ton)
10 . Surgeon – Search (Counterbalance)
11 . The S crust brothers – ancient memory(plugin city records ) Rebekah – Bandit(sleaze records ) stacey pullen – deep space 909(music man records carl cox – I want you(intec records )

House 1 . Disclosure feat . Sam Smith – latch(PMR Records ) 2 . Duke Dumount – wont look back(blasé boys club Part 2 ) 3 . Route 94 feat . Jess Glynne – my love(virjin EMI Records ) 4 . Maurice Fulton Presents Boof – I love you but Ive Chosen Darkness 5 . Huxley – box clever 6 . Catz N Dogz feat Tanika- Get it right 7 Dennis Ferrer feat Janelle Kroll- Mind ur step 8 Shadow Child feat Taiki Nulight- Higher 9 Seven Davis Jr.- Friends 10 Lee Curtiss feat Desmond Reed- Lose Myself 11 My Digital Enemy feat Lior Rosenfeld- wont let you down

What is Techno?

Techno is a type of electronic dance music that often has a repetitive, synthesized melody with a 4/4 time signature. Techno is usually produced with hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers.

Origins of Techno

Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan in the United States during the mid-to-late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music was in 1988. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of sub-genres have been built.

Techno is generally repetitive instrumental music produced for use in a continuous DJ set. The central rhythm is often in common time (4/4), while the tempo typically varies between 120 and 150 beats per minute (bpm). Artists may use electronic instruments such as drum machines, sequencers, and synthesizers, as well as digital audio workstations. Drum machines from the 1980s such as Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 are highly prized by producers today for their unique percussion sounds.

The Detroit Sound

Techno is a type of electronic music that originated in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. The sound of techno is characterized by a heavy use of synthesizers and drum machines, with a strong emphasis on repetitive beats. Techno music is often played at nightclubs and rave parties, and has been described as “the sound of the future.”

European Techno

Techno is a type of electronic dance music that originated in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States in the 1980s. The first techno tracks were produced by artists such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, who were inspired by the electro-funk sound of early 1980s tracks such as “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and ” NUMBER ONE by Cybotron. This early techno sound was characterized by sparse arrangements of synthesizers and drum machines, with occasional vocals or guitar.

What is House?

House is a genre of electronic music that was developed in the 1980s in Chicago. It is characterized by a repetitive 4/4 beat and often features a clavinet or an electric piano. House music often has a sexual or sensual feel to it and is often associated with the club scene.

Origins of House

The origins of house music are deeply rooted in disco, soul and funk. House music first gained popularity in Chicago, where DJs would play extended versions of popular tracks to keep dancers entertained. These tracks would often include drum machine-based beats and electronic synthesizer melodies, which helped to create the signature sound of house music. As house music spread to other cities and countries, it began to evolve and incorporate different elements from a variety of genres, including techno, acid house and even Latin music. Today, house music is enjoyed all over the world by people of all ages.

House in the 1980s

The 1980s saw the development of house music, which combined elements of disco, Chicago’s warehouse sound, and electronic instruments. One of the earliest house tracks was Farley “Jackmaster” Funk’s “Love Can’t Turn Around”, which was released in 1986. In 1987, another very influential early house track was produced by Adonis. This track, “No Way Back”, is often credited as being the first ever deep house track.

House in the 1990s

In the 1990s, house music became more creative and experimental. Producers began to use different samples from other genres and tempo changes were common. The use of synthesisers and drum machines was also expanded. This decade saw the rise of trance music, which is a subgenre of house.

The Best Techno and House Tracks of 2014

2014 was a great year for techno and house music. There were a lot of great tracks that were released this year. In this article, we will be listing the top 10 techno and house tracks of 2014.

Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams

Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams is one of the best techno and house tracks of 2014. It is a deep and dark track that Maceo Plex conjures up dreams with. The track has a great driving beat and is perfect for late night clubbing.

Tale of Us – Another Earth

Tale of Us are an italian duo, Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, who have been making music together since 2010. Their style can be described as deep and emotive techno with a hint of house. They have released music on some of the world’s most respected labels such as Afterlife, Cocoon and Life and Death.

“Another Earth” is a track from their 2014 album “Dark City, which was released on Virgin Records. The track is built around a simple, yet catchy melody that will stay in your head for days. The rest of the track is a masterclass in Techno production, with expertly crafted sound design and propulsive drums that will keep you dancing all night long.

Mind Against – Avalon

“Avalon” is a song by Italian techno duo Mind Against. It was released on 5 May 2014 on Life and Death. The song peaked at number 32 on the Beatport Techno chart.

The song is based around a simple, anthemic vocal hook with an interpolation of the Shirley Bassey classic “Diamonds Are Forever”. The melody is backed by a dark and driving techno beat. The result is a track that straddles the line between classic techno and contemporary dance music.

“Avalon” was one of the most popular tracks of 2014, thanks to its catchy hook and dark, driving sound. It was included on a number of year-end lists, including Pitchfork’s “50 Best Songs of 2014” and Complex’s “50 Best Songs of 2014”.


All in all, it has been quite a year for techno and house music. With so many different sub-genres and new artists emerging, it is difficult to keep up with everything that is going on. However, the tracks listed above represent some of the best that the genre has to offer. Whether you are a fan of hard-hitting techno or mellower house tunes, there is something on this list for everyone. So get out there and start dancing the night away!

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