The Best West Coast Electronic Dance Music Festivals of 2018

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Looking for the best West Coast EDM festivals to check out in 2018? We’ve got you covered, with our roundup of the top events on the West Coast!


The first ever California music festival took place in 1966 and was called the Monterey Pop Festival. Since then, the state has been home to some of the most iconic music festivals in history, including Woodstock, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. In recent years, electronic dance music (EDM) festivals have become increasingly popular on the West Coast, with rave culture growing in popularity amongst young people. Here are some of the best EDM festivals taking place on the West Coast in 2018:

-Ultra Music Festival: This three-day event takes place in Miami, but it also has a stop in San Francisco. It features world-renowned DJs like Tiësto, David Guetta, and Marshmello.
-EDC Las Vegas: This is one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world, with over 400,000 people attending each year. Headliners have included The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, and Martin Garrix.
-HARD Summer Music Festival: This two-day festival takes place in Los Angeles and features big names like Skrillex, Tyler the Creator, and Cardi B.
-Lightning in a Bottle: This five-day festival takes place in Bradley, California and is known for its focus on sustainability and conscious living. It features yoga classes, workshops, and performances by electronic artists like Bassnectar and Odesza.

What to Expect at These Festivals

There are a few things you can expect at most of the big West Coast electronic dance music festivals. First, there will be a lot of people – sometimes tens of thousands of people – all gathered in one place to listen to music and have a good time. Second, there will be a lot of different types of music playing at any given time, so you can usually find something that you like. And third, there will be a lot of chances to meet new people and make new friends.

Lightning in a Bottle

Now in its fifteenth year, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is one of the longest-running dance music festivals in the United States. LIB takes place over Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-28, 2018) at the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California. The festival features over 150 musical acts on seven stages, with a focus on electronic dance music. In addition to music, LIB also offers yoga and meditation classes, art installations, and workshops on sustainability.

Bangon! Santa Cruz

Bangon! Santa Cruz is one of the best West Coast electronic dance music festivals of 2018. This two-day event will take place on August 11-12 at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in California. There will be over 30 DJs and live performances, as well as food and drink vendors.

Northern Nights

If you’re looking for an EDM festival to hit up on the West Coast this year, Northern Nights should definitely be on your list. This 3-day event takes place in the woods of Humboldt County, California and features some of the best electronic and hip hop artists in the game. Past performers include Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Griz, so you can expect nothing but good vibes and great music.


Now that you know a little more about the EDM festivals on the West Coast, start planning your 2018 adventure today. These events draw in some of the biggest names in the industry, so you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. From California to Oregon, there’s a festival for every taste. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re bound to have an incredible time.

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