What BPM Is Psychedelic Rock Usually At?

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Psychedelic rock is a style of rock music characterized by distorted guitars, trippy lyrics, and mind-bending sound effects. But what BPM is this type of rock usually at?


Psychedelic rock is a style of rock music that emerged in the mid-1960s. It is characterized by distorted guitars, repetitive drumming, and mind-altering lyrics. The music is often used as a tool for mental exploration and self-transcendence.

The typical tempo range for psychedelic rock is 60-90 BPM.

What is BPM?

BPM, or beats per minute, is a unit of measurement that reflects the tempo of a song. The higher the BPM, the faster the tempo. Psychedelic rock is usually between 120 and 150 BPM.

What is Psychedelic Rock?

Psychedelic rock, sometimes called garage rock, is a style of rock music that is inspired or influenced by psychedelic culture and attempts to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs. It often uses new recording techniques and effects and incorporates elements of other genres, such as219 disco, electronica, exotica, folk, jazz, new-age music, pop, R&B, and rockabilly. Psychedelic rock arose during the mid-1960s among folk rock and blues-rock bands in United States and Britain.

The Relationship between BPM and Psychedelic Rock

Psychedelic rock is often said to be “trippy” music, characterized by distorted guitars and mind-bending sound effects. But what many people don’t realize is that a lot of these effects are created by the music’s fast tempo. So just how fast is psychedelic rock usually played?

Most psychedelic rock is played at a tempo of around 120 to 140 beats per minute (BPM). This means that the music is fairly fast-paced, which can help create an energetic and exciting atmosphere. It also means that the music can be quite challenging to play, as the musicians need to be able to keep up with the quick tempo.

However, not all psychedelic rock is played at such a fast tempo. Some songs may be slower, around 90 to 100 BPM, while others may be even faster, at 150 BPM or more. The important thing is that the music has a driving beat that helps create a sense of forward momentum. This can often be achieved by playing with a heavy backbeat, where the drums emphasise the second and fourth beats in each bar.

So if you’re looking to create some psychedelic rock of your own, remember that BPM is an important factor to consider. A fast tempo can help create an energetic and exciting atmosphere, but you’ll need to make sure that your musicians are up to the challenge!


Most psychedelic rock is between 120 and 145 BPM.

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