Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Music Significance?

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When Connie’s inner life is depicted via music, it signifies her enjoyment of romantic relationships and the values they represent. Music is usually playing in the background while she and her buddies are out in the plaza.

Similarly, What role does music play in Oates story?

When Connie’s personal life is mundane, Oates utilizes music to segue to her vibrant, public life with her friends. Oates points out that Connie’s ideals are reflected in her lack of music.

Also, it is asked, What is the message behind Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

In “Where are you going, Where have you been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, a little girl sets off on a quest to discover who she is. At each step of the process, she leverages her attractiveness and seductiveness to give herself an air of maturity that eventually proves to be her undoing

Secondly, What is the most important motif in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates focuses mostly on the conflict between freedom and control, as well as harassment and other realities. Dizziness, music, and appearances play major roles in the plot.

Also, What two sides does Connie have and why are they significant?

Even though she acts like a kid at home, Connie puts on an act of sexual maturity and seduction when she isn’t around her family. Her two halves seem to coexist peacefully for the most part. With the exception of a few family arguments, she seems to easily move from kid to lady and back again.

People also ask, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been inspiration?

Don Moser wrote an article on Charles Schmid’s three Tucson killings in Life magazine on March 4, 1966, which inspired this story. After hearing Bob Dylan’s song “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” Oates says she was inspired to create the narrative.

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What is the significance of the name of Arnold Friend?

Arnold Friend is a nebulous character that might be either a demon or a person, fiction or reality, according to his ominous moniker. Although Arnold drives up to Connie’s home in a flashy gold convertible, the rest of his outfit is less than stunning.

Why did Connie go with Arnold Friend?

Connie’s poor self-esteem and insecurities make her naive enough to assume that “all over for [her] here” actually is. Rather of following Arnold Friend’s advice because she really believes he is correct, Connie does so because she believes he is right.

What is the meaning behind Arnold Friend’s name in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Arnold Friend is Satan due of his physical appearance, his knowledge of Connie, and his hypnotic control over her. His physical appearance suggests that Arnold Friend is attempting to conceal his genuine identity.

What is Connie’s habit?

Connie is self-obsessed, sexually seductive, and prone to daydreaming about “trashy daydreams.”

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been symbolism of Connie’s name?

It has been said by some reviewers that the devil, death, or sexuality are all embodied in Arnold Friends. Connie, on the other hand, has been referred to as Eve, a disturbed teen, or a spiritually naive person.

What is the significance of the expression man the flying saucers on Arnold Friend’s car in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

A Vehicle Belonging to Arnold When she gets out of the vehicle, her eyes strain from the brilliant hue and she’s baffled by the front fender’s message, “Man the flying saucers,” which she says her friends used to say but has since faded from usage.

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been essay thesis?

Why are you here? Why haven’t you been here? Oates employs symbols to show how young people want for freedom while also being gullible to life’s deceptions. When Connie first encounters Arnold in the parking lot of a restaurant, she can’t help but stare at him.

Is Connie a narcissist?

One of Connie’s personas is described by Carol Oates as narcissistic in the short tale.

What happens to Connie at the end of the story?

In order to comply with his demands, Connie is obligated to depart with him and follow his lead. The narrative comes to a close when Connie walks away from her front porch, leaving her destiny unclear.”

How is Connie described in the story?

She is a 15-year-old girl who enjoys spending time with her friends and flirting with males. Connie is the protagonist of the narrative As a result, Connie’s mother often tells her to stop being so self-conscious.

How does Arnold Friend know so much about Connie?

A lot about Connie is known to Arnold Friend, including who she is pals with and that her family has left the house for the day. ‘Man the flying saucers,’ says Connie, pointing out a phrase on his automobile that was fashionable a year ago but is now out of style.

Why does Arnold Friend represent the Devil?

Arnold Friend certainly represents the devil because of his physical characteristics, his intimate understanding of Connie, and his ability to compel her to follow him. It’s easy to mistake Arnold Friend for Satan because of his appearance.

How does Arnold Friend manipulate Connie?

Nearing its conclusion, Connie has been subdued to the point that she is no longer capable of acting in her own best advantage.

Who does Connie’s mother Compare Connie to?

When her mother talks about Connie, she often uses the example of her elder sister June, who is 24 years old, still lives at home, and works as a secretary at a high school where she went to school. Her mother also tells her to stop staring at herself, stating, “Stop looking in the mirror.

How old is Connie in where are you going?

Connie. The main character, a fifteen-year-old boy. Connie’s teenage rebellion is in full swing. She fights with her mother and sister, June, and spends her time at the neighborhood café scouting out men.

What does Arnold symbolize in where are you going?

According to Joyce Carol Oates’ short tale “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” the devil appears to take Connie to the underworld, and Arnold Friend serves as the opponent to him.

How is Connie’s reaction different from what you would expect of a typical victim of abduction?

What distinguishes Connie’s response from that of a normal kidnapping victim? The fact that Connie is prepared to depart nearly gladly is a strange heroic gesture. Arnold Friend’s family is in danger, so should she go with him? Do you think Arnold Friend has any genuine influence on her and her siblings? As of today, April 9, 2016.

Why is music so important to Connie and to the story as a whole?

Music. Connie uses music to travel between the actual world and her make-believe world. Connie’s romantic fantasies are mostly influenced by the music she listens to when she escapes her everyday existence.

Does Arnold have supernatural knowledge about Connie her family and her friends?

That Arnold has an almost mystical, strange knowledge about Connie and her family and friends is a further clue (Wegs 617). This devilish emblem may be found throughout the novel since Arnold shows a strong likeness to Satan’s figure.

What do Connie and her friends do when they are dropped off at the shopping plaza?

On a typical summertime night, Connie and her closest friend get picked up by the father of one of their friends and put off at the local shopping center. They’ve resorted to a tried-and-true tactic here. A drive-in restaurant where older kids congregate is a popular hangout for the younger generation.

What is painted on Arnold Friend’s car?

The numbers 33,19,17 are Arnold’s answer to Connie’s question when she inquires about the meaning of the symbols on his automobile. They are “secret codes,” he informs Connie when she asks him about them (1007)


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