The Winans: A Legacy of Gospel Music

The Winans are an American Gospel music quartet from Detroit, Michigan. Considered one of the pioneers of contemporary Gospel, the Winans are also notable for being the first African-American artists to receive a Grammy Award in the newly created category of Best Gospel Performance.

The Winans Family

The Winans are a gospel music family with a long legacy of making music. The family patriarch is BeBe Winans, who was born Benjamin Winans in 1954 in Detroit, Michigan. BeBe Winans is a well-known gospel singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has won numerous awards, including Grammy Awards, for his work in gospel music. The Winans family has produced several other successful gospel music artists, including CeCe Winans and Marvin Winans.

The Early Years

The Winans family has been making music for generations, starting with the earliest known recording of one of the family’s ancestors in 1844. The family’s musical legacy spans more than 170 years and includes some of the most influential and iconic figures in gospel music history.

The family’s patriarch, David Winans Sr., was a gifted singer and songwriter who penned some of the most well-known gospel songs of all time, including “Oh, How I Love Jesus” and “Blessed Assurance.” David Sr. passed his love of music down to his children, who went on to form one of the most successful gospel groups of all time, The Winans.

The Winans’ first album, Long Time Comin’, was released in 1984 and instantly established the group as one of the leading voices in contemporary gospel music. The album garnered five Grammy nominations and cemented the group’s place as trailblazers in the genre. The Winans continued to release chart-topping albums throughout the 1980s and 1990s, winning multiple Grammy Awards and earning a place in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Today, the Winans family remains at the forefront of gospel music, with several members still active in the industry as performers, producers, and songwriters. The family’s influence can be heard in contemporary hits like Kirk Franklin’s “Lean on Me” and BeyoncĂ©’s “Spirit”, both of which feature samples from The Winans’ songs. As gospel music continues to evolve, there is no doubt that The Winans’ legacy will continue to be a major force in shaping its future.

The Winans Brothers

The Winans are an American gospel music quartet from Detroit, Michigan consisting of brothers Marvin, Carvin, Michael, and Ronald. The group’s recording career began in 1981 with the self-titled album The Winans and continued throughout the 1990s with chart-topping hits like “Ain’t No Need to Worry” and “Tomorrow.” As one of the most successful gospel groups of all time, The Winans have won numerous awards and have been inducted into both the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

The Winans’ Music

The Winans are a legendary gospel music family. They have been making music for over 50 years and their songs have impacted the lives of millions of people. The Winans’ music is a mix of traditional gospel, R&B, and pop. Their music is full of hope and inspiration, and it has the ability to touch the hearts of those who hear it.

The Winans’ First Album

The Winans’ first album, A Friend Indeed – Live, was recorded live at the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1982 and released the same year. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group. The title track, “A Friend Indeed”, was co-written by Michael W. Smith and became a hit on gospel radio. The album also included the song “For Love Alone”, which was later recorded by Amy Grant on her 1987 album Lead Me On.

The Winans’ Second Album

The Winans’ second album, Return, was released in 1987. The title track, “Return”, was written by BeBe Winans and Michael Foster. The album also includes the song “Tomorrow”, which was composed by Carvin Winans and Marvi Green.

The Winans’ Third Album

The Winans’ third album, Trust Me, was their attempt to break into the mainstream market. The first single from the album was “Ain’t No Need to Worry,” which featured Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The song was a huge success, and it earned the group a Grammy nomination.

The Winans’ Later Years

The Winans are a gospel music group from Detroit, Michigan, consisting of brothers BeBe, CeCe, Marvin, Carvin, and Daniel. The group has had a long and successful career in the music industry, but their later years have been marred by financial difficulties and legal troubles.

The Winans’ Later Music

After the release of Return, the Winans released All Out (1993), a live album that featured new songs and some of their biggest hits. This was followed byThe Winans’ first greatest hits album, The Best of the Winans (1995). The album featured two new tracks, “Where Will You Be” and “Count It All Joy”. In 1996, the Winans released Decisions, their final album for PGI/Gold Mountain Records.

The following year, Marvin married Vickie winans and the couple had a son, Marvin Jr., in 1998. Shortly after his birth, Michael returned to the group after a four-year absence. The group’s lineup now consisted of the four original brothers plus Michael. Mario had started a solo career and was not active with the group at this time.

In 1999, they released All Day Long, their first album on GospoCentric Records. The album was produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and featured several guests including Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, Brandy, and R&B singer Joe. All Day Long was a commercial success, selling over 500,000 copies and earning a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album.

The Winans’ Later Years

The Winans were a successful gospel group in the 1980s and early 1990s. The group consisted of brothers Carvin, Marvin, Michael, and Ronald Winans. The four brothers grew up in a musical family and were exposed to different types of music. They began their musical careers by singing in their local church choir.
The Winans’ first album, “Ain’t No Need to Worry” was released in 1984 on Qwest Records. The album was produced by Quincy Jones and featured the hit single “Ain’t No Need to Worry.” The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance.
In 1985, the group released their second album, “All Out,” which featured the hit single “Tomorrow.” The album was produced by Michael Omartian and won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance.
The Winans’ third album, “Live & Up Close,” was released in 1987 and featured the hit single “Lean on Me.” The album was produced by Joe Sample and won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Gospel Performance.
The group’s fourth album, “Family Reunion,” was released in 1989 and featured the hit singles “Reach Out” and “Something About You.” The album was produced by Randy Jackson and won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album.
The Winans’ fifth and final studio album, “Return,” was released in 1992 on Motown Records. The album featured the hit singles “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” and “Do Right.” The album was produced by Kenneth Babyface Edmonds and won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album.
The group disbanded in 1995, but reunited briefly in 2007 for a performance at Whitney Houston’s funeral.

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