Newcomers Guide


Welcome! Here’s some information for Newcomers

For any additional questions, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

Where do you perform?

We are the official band for the city of Walnut Creek. We perform throughout the year at the Lesher Center for the Arts, Civic Park and sometimes in  Rossmoor, Walnut Creek.

What’s a good seat?

There really is no bad seat in the Lesher Center. The theater holds about 800 seats, so it’s  not too big and not too small. That said, the best locations are in the Orchestra Center about midway back from the stage, because you can see more of the players when you’re not right up front, the front of the Balcony and the box seats. Here’s the general layout. When you buy your tickets you can see the rows and seat numbers.

What can I expect for the price?

We have several prices.

  • Regular Adult, $17.50
  • Seniors, over 62, $15.00
  • Youths, under 17, $15.00
  • Groups of 10 or more, $12.00 per person
  • Season subscription, 3 concerts, $39.00

What do I wear?

Dress in what’s comfortable for you. Some people like dressing up and going out—if you do, you won’t be the only one, we promise. If you prefer to be more casual, you won’t be the only one either. What you won’t see a lot of is black tie. We’re just glad you’re joining us! Please leave comments on this website and Facebook!

How do I get a drink at the concert?

The lobby bar is open 45 minutes before the performance and during the intermission.

Pre-order your drink!

Also, the Lesher Center allows you to pre-order your drink(s) for the intermission. Before the concert begins, visit the lobby bars to place your order, and then when you come out for intermission you’ll see your drink ready with your name on it. You can also . . .

Take your drink with you to your seat!

How can I study up before I go?

You will learn a little from your program book as well as from the Maestro as he sometimes briefly introduces the pieces from the stage. If you want to study up ahead of time, we have multiple ways to help you do that:

There will be a description of the concert here with links to more online information.

Are there restaurants nearby?

The area near the Lesher Center is filled with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs! Within easy walking distance from the center is almost anything in any price range you can imagine.Click here to begin your exploration.


Call 925-943-SHOW (7469), go online here, or you can walk up the box office

  • Tuesday – Thursday
    11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday
    Noon – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday
    Noon – 6:00 pm CLOSED MONDAYS

How long is a concert?

Concerts are usually 45 minutes, then a 15-minute intermission, followed by another 45 minutes.

Where do I park?

  • The Lesher Center parking garage, located adjacent to the Center on Locust Street is certainly the most convenient. Fees are usually very reasonable.
  • Because our concerts are often on Tuesdays, you can often find metered street parking. The meters allow 2-hour parking and payment is free after 8 PM, so you easily enjoy a meal or drinks nearby before the concert and not worry about feeding the meter!
  • The Lesher Center is also within walking distance to the Walnut Creek BART station.
  • For more information, click here!

When do I applaud?

Applaud when you feel like it. If it happens to be at in be in between movements and maybe not everyone else is clapping, it’s not a problem!

What about phones and pictures?

Bring your camera phone, but please silence it, and a flash in a large auditorium is totally ineffective, so you should turn it off anyway. Selfies and stills are fine!

Anything else should I expect?

Expect to hear live music in a setting designed for live performances.