How to Find Southern Gospel Music

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Here are some tips on how to find southern gospel music that you may enjoy.


A wide variety of gospel music exists today. This includes the more traditional sounds of southern gospel music. This type of gospel music is often characterized by its use of quartet singing and traditional instrumentation. It is often performed in a more evangelical style than other gospel music genres.

What is Southern Gospel Music?

Southern Gospel music is a genre of Christian music. Its name comes from its origins in the Southern United States, most notably the Appalachian Mountains. Southern Gospel music has its roots in traditional English, Irish and Scottish folk music, as well as the hymns of the Protestant Reformation. It is characterized by its use of harmony and its religious lyrics.

Southern Gospel music is sometimes referred to as “quartet music” because of the typical formation of the performing groups. Most groups consist of four members: a lead singer, who sings the melody; a tenor, who harmonizes above the lead; a baritone, who usually harmonizes below the lead; and a bass, who sings the lowest notes in the harmony.

The typical instruments used in Southern Gospel Music include piano, guitar, drums, and occasionally brass instruments.

The Origins of Southern Gospel Music

The origins of Southern Gospel music can be traced back to the early 17th century, when the first hymns were written and sung by the Protestant Reformation movement in Europe. By the 18th century, these hymns had made their way to America, where they were adapted and incorporated into the worship services of the various denominations that had settled in the country.

One of the most significant figures in the development of Southern Gospel music was Isaac Watts, an English clergyman and hymnwriter who wrote more than 600 hymns, many of which are still sung today. Among his most famous are “Joy to the World” and “O God, Our Help in Ages Past.”

Another important figure was George Whitefield, an English evangelist who traveled throughout America in the mid-1700s preaching to large crowds. His sermons were often accompanied by music, and he is credited with popularizing a style of preaching known as “field preaching,” which was characterized by its emotional intensity and use of music to drive home its message.

Whitefield’s impact on American culture was profound, and his influence can still be seen in Southern Gospel music today. Many of the songs that form the core repertoire of Southern Gospel groups can trace their origins back to Whitefield and other early evangelists.

One of the earliest examples of Southern Gospel music is “The Christian’s Goodnight,” a song composed in 1816 by Benjamin Russell O’Neal. This song, which is still sung today by many Southern Gospel groups, describes a believer’s final moments before passing into eternity:

“I’m going now to rest; / My Savior loves me best; / I’ll slumber sweetly in His love / Until He comes to claims His own.”

Where to Find Southern Gospel Music

Southern gospel music is a genre of Christian music. Its name comes from its origins in the Southern United States. Southern gospel music has a rich history and has been a staple in the Christian music industry for many years. If you’re looking for southern gospel music, there are a few places you can look.

Online Resources

If you’re looking for Southern gospel music, the internet is a great resource. You can find websites that specialize in Southern gospel music, as well as websites that sell CDs and DVDs.

Websites that specialize in Southern gospel music usually have a large selection of songs to choose from. They also typically have MP3 files available for download, so you can listen to the songs on your computer or iPod. Some websites also offer streaming radio, so you can listen to Southern gospel music online.

Websites that sell Southern gospel music typically have a smaller selection of songs than websites that specialize in the genre, but they usually have a wider variety of artists. You can also usually find discounts on CDs and DVDs if you purchase them online.

Local Churches and Events

Southern gospel music is its own genre, separate from country, bluegrass, and other forms of gospel music. This type of music is characterized by its Christian lyrics and upbeat tempo, and it is often associated with the “old-time” religion of the American South. If you’re a fan of southern gospel music, you might be wondering where you can find it. Here are a few ideas:

1. Check your local church listings. Many churches in the southern United States feature this type of music as part of their regular worship services.

2. Look for southern gospel music festivals and concerts in your area. These events are becoming more popular as the genre grows in popularity.

3. Do an online search for radio stations that specialize in southern gospel music. You can listen to these stations from anywhere in the world.

4. Check out online streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify that offer southern gospel music stations.

5. Buy CDs or digital downloads of your favorite southern gospel artists from online retailers such as Amazon or iTunes.


In conclusion, Southern Gospel music can be found in a number of ways. You can find it on the radio, online, or at a Southern Gospel music concert. You can also purchase Southern Gospel music CDs from a number of different retailers.

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