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Similarly, Is Drake still with Apple Music?

Is Drake re-signing with Apple Music? According to industry sources, OVO’s CEO may have recently extended his cooperation with the internet giant. According to HITS Daily Double, OVOSOUND Radio’s comeback may have resulted in a new arrangement. The show returned to Apple Music on March 18 after a three-month hiatus.

Also, it is asked, Why is Drake not on Apple Music?

Drake’s record label, OVO, is distributed by Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group, whose chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge banned streaming exclusives after Frank Ocean’s defection last year. This may have made an Apple Music-only release impossible.

Secondly, Is Drake’s album on Apple Music?

Drake also broke the record for the largest album launch on Apple Music, exceeding his previous mark of 170 million streams established in 2018 with “Scorpion.”

Also, Is Certified Lover Boy going to be on Apple Music?

How to listen to Apple Music’s Certified Lover Boy. CLB should be accessible on Apple Music as soon as it is published to streaming services, which we can only hope will be shortly after midnight on September 3.

People also ask, How much did Drake make from Apple Music?

According to the same estimate, Drizzy’s 10 billion streams on Apple Music, which he achieved in July 2018 (a month before Scorpion debuted), would have netted him $78 million. It’s a new age. Apple Music has received 10 billion streams. @Drake, many congratulations.

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Who is the highest streamed artist on Apple Music?

Most-streamed artists in the United StatesDrake. Swift, Taylor. WRLD Juice West, Kanye Bunny the Bad.

Who is Drake GF?

Drake has broken up with Johanna Leia and is seeing a new woman. Drake is known for keeping his personal life quiet, so fans were taken aback when he revealed his girlfriend Johanna Leia on his Instagram page in September.

What is Drake’s net worth in 2020?

Is Drake on Spotify?

Drake, ever the hard worker, has at least 179 tracks available on Spotify since 2010. That’s practically an 18-track album every year, not including singles or songs featuring solely the rapper.

How many plays does Drake’s new album have?

Drake’s streaming prowess is undeniable, and “Certified Lover Boy” did not disappoint. The album’s 21 tracks had 744 million streams in its first week in the United States, or nearly 74,000 per minute, significantly more than any other title.

How much is Drake’s album?

Best Albums (See all 18 albums) Take precautions [2 CD] Drake: $22.11 Vinyl, $11.49 MP3 [2 CD] Drake MP3: $11.49 Vinyl: $26.99 [2 LP] Scorpion Drake $12.49 MP3: $30.60 Nothing was the same after that. Drake MP3: $11.49 CD: $15.02 If you’re still reading. Drake MP3: $9.49 CD: $9.99 [2 CD] Scorpion more row Drake CD: $14.53 MP3: $12.491

How many years old is Drake?

Drake / Age 35 (October)

How many streams did Drake get on Apple Music 2021?

60,000,000 streams

Who album is number 1 on 2021 Apple Music?

Drake Sets 2021 Records for Most-Streamed Album and Artist in a Day on Apple Music. Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ has smashed Apple Music’s record for most-streamed album in a day set in 2021, making him the year’s most-streamed artist.

What is the number 1 album on Apple Music?

I’ve never liked you, Future.

Who is the richest rapper?

The World’s Top 10 Richest Rappers and Their Net Worths Lil Wayne, #8, has a net worth of $158 million dollars. Drake has a net worth of $190 million dollars. Eminem has a net worth of $220 million dollars. Master P has a net worth of $245 million dollars. Dr. No. 4 # 3: Diddy’s Net Worth is $895 Million. # 2: Jay Z has a net worth of $1.05 billion. Kanye West has a net worth of $2.9 billion dollars.

Who is the most streamed artist on Apple Music 2021?

The stars are among those who dominated across Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube, according to a Digital Media Association end-of-year survey. Olivia Rodrigo, BTS, and Bad Bunny, among others, dominated streaming platforms in 2021.

What is the most streamed song on Apple Music in 2021?


Is Drake still with Johanna?

After many months of dating, the Certified Lover Boy has stopped his relationship with Johanna Leia. Drake celebrated his 35th birthday with a Narcos-themed party in Los Angeles over the weekend, but the model was not there. According to Radar Online, a source informed Deuxmoi, “He’s no longer with Johanna.”

Who’s richer Kanye or Drake?

Jay-Z, SeanDiddyCombs, Drake, and Dr Select a section. Rank1Name West is worth $1.8 billion. CountryUnited StatesAge43 24 more columns

Who is richer Justin Bieber or Drake?

Who has a higher net worth: Drake or Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber and Drake are expected to have a combined net worth of $470 million in 2021. Drake, on the other hand, has a net worth of $180 million, while Justin Bieber is worth $290 million.

Where can I hear Drakes new album?

On Drake’s SiriusXM channel, you can listen to every track from his new album, Certified Lover Boy.

Is Drake single now?

Drake has broken up with Johanna Leia and is seeing a new woman. Drake is known for keeping his personal life quiet, so fans were taken aback when he revealed his girlfriend Johanna Leia on his Instagram page in September.

Who is the most streamed rapper 2021?

Drake, the commercial juggernaut, is now leading the race with 1.4 billion streams across all platforms in the first ten weeks of the year.

What is the best song on Drake’s new album?

The top five songs from Drake’s new album, Certified Lover Boy,’ are listed below. Swing along with entry #1: ‘Papi’s Home’ is intimate and harmonious. In ‘Love All,’ Jay-Z and Drake spew fire. ‘Fountains’ is the tune with the most distinct hue. ‘You Only Live Twice’ is hip, catchy, and well-known. Number five.

How much does Drake get from Spotify?

52.5 million dollars

How many streams did Drake get in 2021?

8.6 billion dollars

What is Drake’s most successful album?

Fans voted, and there’s a tie for first place! It’s not, however, Certified Lover Boy.’ 6. 5.08 percent for ” Certified Lover Boy” (2021). 7.63 percent for ” Scorpion ” (2018) 4. ” Views” — 11.02 percent in 2016 3. ” Thank You Later” (2010) (11.86%) 3. “Nothing Was the Same” (2013) (32.2%). 1. 32.2 percent for “Take Care” (2011)

What is Drake’s best selling album?

With Thank Me Later, Drake became the first artist to top the Billboard 200 in the year J. Certified Lover Boy had the biggest week for an album in almost a year, with 613,000 equivalent album units sold, the most for any album since Taylor Swift’s Folklore debuted at No. 1 on the August 8, 2020-dated list with 846,000 copies.

How many #1 Does Drake have?

With fifteen number one hits on the US Hot Rap Songs list and nineteen on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, he holds the record for most number one singles on both charts.

Is Drake a rapper or singer?

Drake has always considered himself a rapper and has received several prizes in the rap genre. To some, he is not just a rapper, but also the best of all time.


Drake’s new album “Scorpion” is out now and it features a diss track to Apple.

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