What Justin Bieber’s Gospel Music Tells Us About His Faith

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In his new album, Purpose, Justin Bieber has included several gospel songs. What do these tunes tell us about his faith?


Ever since he announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber has been on a roll. Not only is he back to making music and touring, but he’s also been opening up about his faith like never before.

For years, Bieber kept his Christian faith private, only sharing occasional Bible verses on social media or giving brief testimony during interviews. But in recent months, he’s been more vocal about his relationship with God and how important faith is to him.

This newfound openness about his faith has also been reflected in Bieber’s music. In addition to releasing several Christian-themed singles, Bieber has also been working on a gospel album that is expected to be released later this year.

While some have questioned Bieber’s motives for releasing gospel music, there’s no doubt that his faith is genuine and that he is using his platform to spread a positive message. Here are four things we can learn from Justin Bieber’s gospel music about his faith:

1. Justin Bieber isn’t afraid to be open about his faith.

2.Justin Bieber is using his platform to spread a positive message of faith.

3.Justin Bieber’s music is helping people feel closer to God.

4.Justin Bieber is using his music to minister to others

Bieber’s Music

Justin Bieber has always been a controversial figure, but his recent release of two gospel songs has surprised many of his fans. The songs are a departure from his usual style, and they suggest that Bieber may be serious about his faith.


Justin Bieber has been in the public eye for over a decade now, and during that time, his music has reflected different phases of his life and career. Early on, Bieber’s hits were mostly lighthearted pop songs about love and teenage angst. In recent years, as he has matured and faced various challenges in his personal life, Bieber’s music has taken on a more serious tone.

Bieber’s newest album, Purpose, is a departure from his previous work in several ways. First and foremost, it is a clear expression of Bieber’s faith. The album includes several gospel songs with Christian themes and messages of hope and redemption. This is a significant change for Bieber, who was not raised in a religious household and only became a Christian after struggling with depression and other personal issues in 2014.

The fact that Bieber has chosen to express his faith so publicly through his music tells us that his faith is important to him and that he is confident enough in his beliefs to share them with the world. It also shows that he is comfortable using his platform to promote something other than himself.purpose


Justin Bieber’s newest album, Purpose, has been hugely successful. But what many people don’t know is that the album is heavy on Christian themes and includes several gospel songs. Bieber has said that he wants his music to be a tool to help people find God, and it seems like he’s succeeding.

So what does Bieber’s gospel music tell us about his faith?

For one thing, it shows that Bieber is serious about his faith. He’s not just paying lip service to Christianity; he really believes in it and is trying to live out its teachings.

It also shows that Bieber is comfortable talking about his faith publicly. He’s not afraid to let people know that he believes in Jesus Christ and is trying to follow His teachings. This can be a good example for other young Christians who might be afraid to speak out about their beliefs.

Finally, Bieber’s gospel music demonstrates that Christianity can be cool and relevant. Too often, Christianity is seen as old-fashioned and out-of-touch with modern culture. But Bieber’s music shows that it doesn’t have to be this way. Christianity can be hip and trendy, and it can appeal to young people.

Bieber’s Faith

Justin Bieber’s new album, ” Changes,” is his first album since 2015, and it includes a new sound for the singer: gospel music. Bieber has been vocal about his Christian faith in the past, and this album seems to be a continuation of that journey. So, what can we learn about Bieber’s faith from his music?


Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and was raised in the nearby town of Stratford. He is the only child of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia “Pattie” Mallette, who were never married. His mother has French-Canadian ancestry; his paternal great-grandfather was of German descent, and his other roots are English and Irish. As a child, he showed a strong interest in music, learning instruments such as the drums and guitar.

Recent Years

In recent years, Justin Bieber has been vocal about his Christian faith, and he has even released several gospel songs. While some fans may be surprised by this change in musical direction, it seems that Bieber’s faith has always been an important part of his life.

Bieber was raised in a Christian household, and he attended church regularly as a child. He has said that his faith was “a huge part” of his upbringing, and it seems that this foundation has continued to be important to him as an adult. In a recent interview, Bieber spoke about how his faith helps him to deal with the challenges of fame and fortune. He said, “My faith has been a huge part of my journey … I can talk to God about anything.”

It seems clear that Justin Bieber’s faith is very important to him, and it is evident in both his music and his words. As he continues to grow as an artist and as a person, it will be interesting to see how Bieber’s faith affects his work.


In conclusion, Justin Bieber’s gospel music tells us that he is a committed Christian who takes his faith seriously. His music is filled with biblical references and spiritual themes, and he often uses his platform to share his faith with others. While some may question his motives or criticize his behaviour, there is no doubt that Justin Bieber is a sincere Christian who is using his gifts to glorify God.

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