Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015

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Looking for Kikuyu Gospel Music from 2015? We’ve got you covered! Check out our top picks for the best Kikuyu Gospel Music from 2015.

Kikuyu Gospel Music

Kikuyu Gospel Music is becoming more popular by the day. This is because Kikuyu Gospel Music is not only entertaining but also has a message that is relevant to today’s society. Kikuyu Gospel Music is also easy to dance to and the lyrics are easy to understand.

Kikuyu Gospel Music Artists

There are many Kikuyu gospel music artists who have made a name for themselves in the Kenyan music industry. Some of the most popular Kikuyu gospel artists include John Ng’ang’a, Paul Muigai, Purity Kikairi, and Rebecca Mbuthia. These artists have produced some of the most popular Kikuyu gospel songs in recent years, and their music is enjoyed by many Kenyans.

Kikuyu Gospel Music Videos

Kikuyu Gospel Music Videos are a hit on YouTube with millions of views. The most popular Kikuyu Gospel Music Video is “Mwari Ungarira” by Paul Mwai.

Kikuyu Gospel Music Songs

1. Wanjiru wa Nyasae – The Wailing Souls
2. Mwana Ithangu – Steph Stephen
3. In Memory Of My Father – John Njoroge
4. Ngoro Yakwa – Beatrice Wamucii
5. Gatirira Ngai Thiongo – Philip Kimani
6. Ngoro Yakwa Part 2 – Beatrice Wamucii
7. Nduthi Riaku Iria – John Njoroge
8. Mboogiwa Waariri – Charity Wacera
9. Thigeira Maandaa – David Muriuki
10. Unto Thee O Lord – Philip Kimani

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 is a compilation of the best Kikuyu gospel music tracks of the year. The album features popular Kikuyu gospel artistes such as John Mungai, Riika, Anne Wainaina, and Maureen Kaburu.

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 Artists

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 has some of the most popular Kikuyu Gospel Music Artists. These artists include:
-Mwangi wa iria
-John Ndirangu
-Rev. Paul Wanjiru
-Maurice Kirya
– Esther Wahome

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 Videos

Looking for Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 videos? You’ve come to the right place! Here at, we have a large selection of videos featuring different Kikuyu Gospel artists and groups. Whether you’re looking for music videos, live performances, or behind-the-scenes footage, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look around and see for yourself why Kikuyu Gospel Music is some of the best around!

Kikuyu Gospel Music 2015 Songs

This is a list of Kikuyu gospel music 2015 songs. The Kikuyu are a tribe who live in central Kenya, Africa. Their music is a mix of traditional and modern styles, and their gospel music is some of the most popular in the country.

Here are some popular Kikuyu gospel songs from 2015:

1. “Ngoro Yakwa” by Mwangi wa Iria
2. “Wakuabudu” by Peter Kigia
3. “Insecure” by Samuel Kamau
4. “Mugathi wa Mbare” by headway Church
5. “Roho yetu” by Grace Mbethe

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