You Can Find Public Domain Funk Music on YouTube

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If you’re looking for some great funk music to listen to, you can find a lot of it on YouTube. You can find public domain funk music on YouTube by searching for it.

Go to YouTube

If you’re looking for public domain funk music, your best bet is to head over to YouTube. The video streaming site has a wealth of content that falls into this category, and you can use the search bar to narrow down your options.

Assuming you don’t want to wade through hours of footage, we recommend using some keywords to help you find what you’re looking for. For example, you could try searching for “public domain funk music” or “free funk songs.”

Once you hit enter, YouTube will populate a list of videos that match your query. From there, it’s simply a matter of finding something that piques your interest and hitting play.

Search for “funk music”

When you search for funk music on YouTube, you will find a wide variety of results. Some videos are of people dancing to funk music, while others are of funk songs being played. There are also many videos that feature funk musicians talking about their craft.

You can also find public domain funk music on YouTube by searching for “funk musicians.” This search term will bring up a list of videos featuring different Funk musicians. You can then click on the video you want to watch and listen to the music.

Filter your results by “Creative Commons – Attribution”

When you search for funk music on YouTube, you’ll likely get a lot of results that are copyrighted and NOT in the public domain. However, if you filter your results by “Creative Commons – Attribution”, you’ll find a number of videos that ARE in the public domain and that you can use freely.

Find a song you like and download it

Now that you know how to check if a song is in the public domain, it’s time to start downloading some funk tunes! You can find public domain funk music on YouTube by searching for “public domain funk” or “creative commons funk.”

Once you find a song you like, make sure to check the licensing information to ensure that it is indeed in the public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for downloading and redistributing. Once you’veconfirmed that the song is available for download, simply click the “Download” button and choose the MP3 format.

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