The Best of Tulsa Folk Music

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Here at The Best of Tulsa Folk Music, we believe that folk music is the best way to connect with your community. We provide a space for local artists to share their music and for fans to connect with the artists they love.

Tulsa’s Music Scene

Tulsa’s music scene is one of the most vibrant in the country, with a diverse mix of genres and styles. The city’s folk music scene is particularly strong, with a number of great venues and festivals. If you’re a fan of folk music, here are some of the best places to check out in Tulsa.

The Tulsa Sound

Tulsa has long been a hotbed for folk music, and the Tulsa Sound is a unique blend of country, rockabilly, blues, and jazz that was popularized in the city in the 1950s and 1960s. The Tulsa Sound was developed by a group of musicians who came to be known as the “Tulsa Outlaws”, and it has influenced many subsequent generations of musicians.

Some of the most famous musicians associated with the Tulsa Sound include J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, Vince Gill, and Tulsa native Tulsa McLean. The Tulsa Sound is still alive and well today, and there are many excellent folk music venues in the city where you can enjoy this unique style of music.

The Tulsa Music Venues

Tulsa is well known for its music scene, which encompasses a wide range of genres including folk, country, rock, and blues. The city is home to a number of iconic music venues that have hosted some of the biggest names in the business. Here are just a few of the best places to catch live music in Tulsa:

The Brady Theater: This historic venue has been hosting live music acts since 1917 and has a capacity of 3,500. The Brady Theater is one of the most popular places to see live music in Tulsa and has hosted everyone from Bob Dylan to Willie Nelson.

The Cains Ballroom: Another historic venue, the Cains Ballroom first opened its doors in 1924. The venue has a capacity of 1,200 and is known for its intimate shows. past performers include Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Carrie Underwood.

The Mercury Lounge: The Mercury Lounge is a smaller venue with a capacity of just 200, but it’s one of the best places in Tulsa to see up-and-coming talent. The Mercury Lounge hosts a variety of genres including folk, rock, and blues.

The Best of Tulsa Folk Music

Tulsa Folk Music is a genre of music that is typically characterized by its simple lyrics, acoustic instrumentation, and often emotional or sentimental sound. Tulsa Folk Music often tells stories of the human experience and is often used to communicate social and political messages. The genre has its roots in the oral tradition of folk music and has been shaped by the cultures of the people who have traditionally sung it.

The Folk Music Artists

Tulsa has a rich history in folk music, with a diverse range of artists who have made an impact on the genre. Some of the most well-known folk music artists from Tulsa include Woody Guthrie, Bob Wills, and Leon Russell. These artists have all helped to shape the sound of Tulsa folk music, and their influence can still be heard in the city today.

The Folk Music Festivals

Folk music festivals are a great way to experience the best of Tulsa folk music. From the smaller, more intimate festivals like the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival to the large, multi-day events like the Tulsa Roots Music Festival, there is a festival for everyone.

The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival is one of the most well-known Tulsa folk music festivals. Named for legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, who was born in Okemah, Oklahoma, the festival features a variety of folk music acts from around the world. The festival takes place every summer in Guthrie’s hometown of Okemah, and attracts folk music fans from all over the world.

The Tulsa Roots Music Festival is another popular Tulsa folk music festival. This annual event features a mix of local and national acts, and takes place in downtown Tulsa each spring. The festival offers a wide range of musical genres, including bluegrass, country, rockabilly, and more.

Whether you’re a fan of folk music or just looking for a great way to experience the best of Tulsa’s musical culture, be sure to check out one of these fantastic folk music festivals.

The Future of Tulsa Folk Music

Tulsa Folk music has been around for centuries, and it is one of the most beloved genres of music. Tulsa Folk music has a rich history, and it is a genre that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Tulsa Folk music is also a genre that is constantly evolving, and it is always changing.

The Folk Music Scene in Tulsa

The folk music scene in Tulsa is vibrant and growing. There are many talented musicians in the city who are passionate about their craft. The future of Tulsa folk music is very exciting.

There are a few different factors that are contributing to the growth of the Tulsa folk music scene. First, there has been an increase in the number of venues that host folk music events. This has given musicians more opportunities to perform and has also made it easier for people to discover new folk artists.

Second, there has been a surge in the popularity of folk music in recent years. This is due in part to the success of artists like Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers, who have brought renewed interest to the genre.

Lastly, the city of Tulsa itself is becoming more supportive of its local music scene. This is evident in the amount of funding that is being invested in music programs and events. The city’s commitment to supporting its musicians will only help to grow the Tulsa folk music scene even further.

The future of Tulsa folk music is very bright. With a supportive community and a growing number of talented musicians, the genre is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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