What Non-music Industry Contributed Significantly to the Production of Cowboy Songs?

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Similarly, Who dominated the history of Western music?

The Roman Catholic Church controlled the history of Western music throughout the first 1400 years of the Middle Ages (450-1450).

Also, it is asked, What is arguably the single largest influence of Western European music on blues music?

During and after WWII, individuals from the rural south moved to metropolitan regions in search of work. What is the single most significant impact of Western European music on blues? b. The use of shifting harmonics, which is most likely borrowed from church music.

Secondly, Why was the shift from printed music to recordings important in American music culture?

The transition from written music to recordings resulted in a consumer who developed active listening abilities. In general, minstrel tunes accurately represented black culture. Soul evolved into the black music for white audiences that Motown didn’t cater to.

Also, What two factors contributed to the decline of the Tin Pan Alley song?

What two things led to the Tin Pan Alley song’s demise? 1) The birth of rock & roll; 2) The transfer to Nashville as the hub of songwriting, publishing, and country music’s subsequent popularization. What is a bluegrass band’s normal instrumentation?

People also ask, What is the history of Western music?

The music of the Greeks and Romans served as the foundation for Western music. In Western civilization, there are six historical eras: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Western music has become more intricate, elaborate, and diversified throughout time.

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What current genre of music was influenced by blues?

Other Genres of Blues Modern hip hop, for example, is influenced by the tone and beat of blues music. In other ways, blues music has influenced jazz, particularly in terms of time signatures. The horns that form jazz music are also influenced by the blues guitar’s twangs.

What blues means?

Blues are defined as 1: poor spirits: melancholy with the blues. 2: a sorrow ballad with 12-bar phrases, 3-line stanzas in which the lyrics of the second line generally repeat those of the first, and the use of blue notes in melody and harmony on a regular basis.

What do field hollers have in common with blues quizlet?

What do field hollers and blues have in common? Story-telling, improvise

What did the music industry call recordings from the 1920s until the late 1940s?

What did the music business term recordings recorded by African American musicians and produced primarily for sale to African American audiences from the 1920s through the late 1940s? Race Results.

How did rock and roll significantly influence two mass media industries?

What impact did rock & roll have on two major media industries? Rock & roll was the first musical style to simultaneously revolutionize the structure of sound recording and radio from an economic standpoint. Set the tone for today’s music production, distribution, and performance.

What musical genres influenced pop music?

Rock, R&B, country, disco, punk, and hip-hop are all distinct musical styles that have impacted and affected pop music in diverse ways throughout the last six decades.

Which industry is sometimes referred to as Tin Pan Alley?

Tin Pan Alley is an American popular music genre that originated in the late 1800s from the New York City-based song publishing business.

What was Tin Pan Alley and how did it become important to the music industry?

Origins. From the late 1800s until the 1920s, Tin Pan Alley was the musical world’s publishing hub. With the music of the Civil War period and ragtime, music transformed into a distinctly American art form as American cities rose in size, magnificence, and riches.

When was Western music composed?

According to legend, Pope Gregory I classified and structured the huge quantity of ancient melodies that constituted the basis for the subsequent creation of Western art music in the late sixth century.

Where did mbira music originated?


What are Western instruments?

The string quartet (two violins, viola, and violoncello), the woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon), sonata combinations (one wind or stringed instrument with piano), and the brass quintet (often two trumpets,.

What is non Western music?

Any music that arose from a culture or musical tradition other than the European is considered non-Western music. Non-Western music will have an unusual sound to someone who grew up listening to Western music.

Why is John Dunstable significant to the history of Western music?

Dunstable most likely traveled to France with his patron; his music was well-known on the continent. His epitaph said that he was gifted in mathematics, astronomy, and music. Dunstable’s harmonies and flowing, subtly asymmetrical rhythms are evidence of his effect on European music.

Why is Western music important?

Western Art Music is important for many reasons: 1) it has been scientifically demonstrated to improve cognitive function; 2) it is in our core, since it is drawn from natural principles of the cosmos; 3) it binds mankind throughout time; 4) it is complicated and sophisticated, and there is so much.

How did the blues influence 1970s rock music?

The development of blues music accelerated the creation of rock & roll. Early rock & roll had a beat that was comparable to blues music. Rock & roll would eventually include more strong rhythmic aspects with an emphasized backbeat as time went on, but the basis remained the same.

The Rhythm of Hip-Hop The blues is all about the beat. Even the genre’s famed “worried notes” feel hollow without it. Blues’ rhythm is a distinctive combination of pace and swagger, with percussion and beat patterns derived from traditional African drum sounds.

What does jazz mean in music?

Jazz is a genre of music in which improvisation is often used. Most jazz concerts have artists making up solos on the fly, which requires a high level of talent.

What style of music is bluegrass?

Bluegrass music is a contemporary string band style based on tradition. A bluegrass band often includes of four to seven musicians who sing while playing acoustic string instruments including the guitar, double bass, violin, five-string banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, and Dobro.

What are the field hollers and work songs?

Field hollers and labour songs come from Africa’s oral music culture. Slaves sang these songs while working on plantations, screaming to one other across the fields, worshipping together, or at other social occasions.

What are the connections between field hollers and the blues?

They created field hollers, spirituals, and labor tunes to help lighten the strain of the job. They were also used to share tales, pass along information, arrange escapes, and vent grievances. The early blues continued the history of black people expressing their ambitions and experiences.

How did field hollers differ from work songs?

Field Hollers: A field holler, also known as a field call, is a kind of vocal music performed by southern workers to accompany their work, communicate, or vent sentiments. It was performed alone, unlike the group labor song, however early observers reported that a holler, or ‘cry,’ would be repeated by other workers.

What were the major developments and advancements in recording technologies during the postwar era?

What were the significant advances and breakthroughs in recording technology throughout the postwar period? FM Radio, a magnetic recording tap, and a race of speeds After WWII, how did large-scale immigration from the rural south effect popular music?

Which ensemble brought racial integration to the public during the swing era?

Goodman and Krupa sat in with Fletcher Henderson’s band during these “Rhythm Club” performances at the Congress Hotel, perhaps the first racially mixed big band to perform in front of a paid audience in the United States. Teddy Wilson on piano joined Goodman and Krupa in a trio.

Who was known for performing the Carter scratch quizlet?

Singing cowboysGene Autry and Roy Rogers were renowned for. Who was the mastermind of the Carter scratch? The Grand Ole Opry has dismissed Hank Williams. Before becoming a country music artist, Jimmie Rodgers was a vaudeville performer.

What is the racial significance of rock and roll?

As white youngsters found themselves enthusiastically singing to African American performers’ melodies, rock ‘n roll music helped to break down social barriers. This music put a strong focus on lyrics, resulting in the birth of a new type of music that promoted social collaboration and racial equality.


The “two main musical influences that produced rock were” country and western. This genre was formed by a combination of elements from both genres, which were then combined with other styles to create the music we know today.

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The “hillbilly music comes from” is a question about the production of cowboy songs. The non-music industry that contributed significantly to the production of these songs was the rodeo.

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